RMP sACked from Iraq Investigations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Auld-Yin

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  2. I didn't even know the RN had a police force. They certainly don't advertise it!
  3. I believe the Royal Marine Police follow Naval Regulations, and if I recall from years back the Navy has its own Regulating Branch both at Shore Establishments and on board HM Ships
  4. Memory serves that the Deputy Provost Marshal was roundly rebuked for being more than mistruthful to a Court of Inquiry... The judge asked him not to be mistruthful if he appeared in front of said judge again over affairs in Iraq.

    That was a disgusting moment in the history of the RMP, who I admit are caught between the sea and the devil but must maintain their integrity in all affairs.
  5. All SP now operate under AFA06 but these allegations are pre- so single service acts applied. The point is the Army investigating the Army, hence getting the dark blue in.
  6. I hope there is a healthy dose of flogging administered still?
  7. Only flogging is dead horses :)
  8. Your second paragraph sort of cancels out the first.
  9. This is big news. If one of the rationale of the RMP is to police the Army, and the RMP has been deemed not independent enough to discharge that role, then surely the existence of the corps in its present guise must be questioned. I don't think this is about competence. It is a case of there being a lack of independence from the Army.
  10. Unfortunately the civilian police are no better - as Leveson has discovered!

  11. No it isn't. What is being said - quite correctly IMHO - is that if it is the Army that is being investigated then it shouldn't be the Armiy's own Police Force that investigates allegations of abuse by that Army. You know, just like major Political parties do when they are caught with their hand in the till.....
  12. This isn't news and had been made public some time ago but clearly hadn't been picked up by the press at the time. The reality is nothing will satisfy Phil Shiner and his team until the MoD take the blame for everything, and now a number of v experienced and independent investigators have been taken off the case in order to allow the RN to deal.

    As for the logic that the RMP wouldn't be independent, it would have been SIB I have no doubt they would have taken great pleasure in ripping into the Army as they love a decent rubber heel job. Hence Phil Shiner has probably scored an own goal here in the long run.
  13. Stonker

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    Delete 'Maintain their' insert 'Find some' - then you'd be closer to the mark.
  14. I,ll sing you a song,

    It,s not very long

    "All coppers are B*******s".
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  15. "All coppers are B*******s"