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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BevisRory, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Hopefully, I'll be able to join the RMP in 3 years as an Officer..

    But im wondering, what do you on a tour? Is it protecting bases, protecting civilians?
  2. If you don't know the job, why do you want to join RMP?

    It depends on the tour. In Kosovo, I was policing Pristina with the help of the Irish Guards and PARAs and pretty much making it up as I went along. On Telic 2, it was a cluster. TELIC 12 was basically policing the COB with a few more interesting jobs thrown in.

    We are also involved in Weapons Intelligence Sections and Close Protection work.

    Out in Afghan some of the lads work closely with patrols on the ground.
  3. Why? Because the Police will probably say I won't have enough life experience @ 18.


    Close Protection was what mainly interested, I read an article about mid-08, and it's interested me ever since...
  4. COB-the main base in Iraq.

    Another CP wannabe! How about getting some life experience in the corps first?
  5. Ya come off a bit harsh don't ya...

    Who said I was gonna do CP straight away? Just cause it interests me doesn't mean Im gonna do it straight away... I'll do at least 3 years before I consider it...
  6. If I was a little harsh it's because your responses contained two annoying traits;

    I want to join cos Civ Plod won't have me yet.

    I want to join for CP.

    Neither response will endear you to the great unwashed in RMP. We are not a poor relation to Civ Plod-our job is actually quite different. As for CP, again it isn't the be all and end all of RMP life.
  7. Morthern Monkey what a great advert you are, you should be in recruiting. Thanks for the lack of effort.
  8. Ok, fair play I guess...

    But, I just want to do something fun in the Army, just don't particularly want to be Infantry 24/7, going by my assumption, your day job as a soldier probably isn't much...

    As for CP, it just led to me being interested in the Job. Sure, CP may be what everyone's excuse is, but for me, I just found it influenced me...

    I still don't know if I even want to be in the RMP anyway...

    @cuckingfunt Im assuming Roadblocks/Checkpoints...
  9. What do you mean?
  10. Disco-the corps is over-subscribed anyway. We don't need people who join to go civ plod or just CP-we need people who will stay and gain some experience.

    You can see from his last post, how committed he is.
  11. What I mean is, as a PTI, you do PT... As a Mechanic, you fix stuff, as an armourer you deal with weapons, as a MP, you do policing...

    As an Infantry soldier, what do you do?
  12. Look I understand your frustration but the kids on the street look at us all on the TV/you tube and say "I want a piece of that".

    They dont now the dull bits or whats specialised, waltish or wannbee.

    Whether its Para, SAS or RMP its is you they aspire to be so let them be wannabee's, let them know the score without kicking them up the arrse. :)

    If someone works on their life plan of doing RMP then civ plod then so what? It is like joining the Engrs to be a sparky then leaving to be a sparky.

    But your getting someone who wants to be a copper which is the point right?
  13. Besvisory.

    I did full service with RMP and am now old bill at an age 40+. I have been out now 15 months so if you want my opinion for what it's worth please feel free to pm me. Just pose questions and I'll try to answer them

    Having joined the old bill, I still don't have sufficient life experience. But try all the same.


    Edited to add, having re-read my post I must need glasses.
  14. I would have taken him more seriously had he asked about the job as a whole.
  15. @Disco

    Your right, I just want to be an Officer in the Army, I want to get (fairly) good pay at 19, have a roof over my head and have a job...