RMP Redundancy - Army to reduce to 80,000 personnel

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Haymaker, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. I heard that there may be packages being offered Army wide, next year. What would it take for you to accept the redundancy package in RMP?
  2. 'bout 25 quid.
  3. Maybe they should just get rid of them all. If you listen to most of the Walts in here who purport to be SIB, they seem to run the whole of RMP on their own. So get rid of the uniformed ones. 25 quid sounds good western
  4. Easy, £95k plus pension.

    Unfortunately I seriously doubt that in the current climate the RMP will reduce in the near future!!
  5. Where do you get your information about a reduction to 80,000 from? It's taken us years to get anywhere near the 101,800 target (and we're not there yet) so why on earth would we be making pointless cuts? In case you haven't noticed, some parts of the Army are a bit busy at the moment.
  6. I'd do a few extra stags or whatever it takes to get rid of the filth!

    I would even donate a few £25 pay offs... :)
  7. Info has come down the CoC. Pointless cuts? Cuts are always for a reason.
  8. 'Info has come down the CoC. Pointless cuts? Cuts are always for a reason.'

    For no better reason than Gordon has overspent, doesn't give a damn about the armed forces and sees an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

    The cuts that I hear are in the pipeline for the RN will make crewing the existing (much depleted) fleet very difficult, not to mention crewing the carriers.
  9. I read something the other day about restructuring, but not about cutbacks. Heard once that if we drop below 100,000 we become a Militia. Is that true or just urban myth?
  10. The definition of an 'Army' is a body of 100,000 men - an old outdated definition as many countries now have 'armies' well under that strength.
  11. Thanks. Thought i was going mad for a moment.

    So where did this info about RMP redundencies come from?
  12. Labour are probably planning a new government trial scheme of RMPCSO's.

    A bit like RMP's with no power of arrest they will wander around camps wearing ever so slightly different uniforms making the troops think they are genuine monkeys. They will not be able to rise above the rank of L/Cpl but they will start on a Full Screws pay.

    After several years of on the whole not being good value for money the government will invest more into TA RMP's in the hope that people will volunteer to do some Police work with powers of arrest in their own time.
  13. Did'nt the Army have something similar in the dark ages called AMP's?
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It would be termed as a Defence Force rather than Army (see the post under your original), but definitely not a Militia.


    /pedant mode
  15. Auxiliary Military Police I seem to remember, I got spammed to do the course which was only a couple of days long. Didn't get to swan about pretending to be a monkey though (thankfully). Somehow the three pieces of paper on the RSM's desk got muddled up and my course result went to the bottom of the pile. Sorry smudge, those kickings you got for being a plastic pig were all my fault.