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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by martin7606, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. From putting your med forms in, how long would it take until you start phase 1 for RMP if the candidate were to pass all parts of the recruitment process
  2. I GUESS AFTER your med comes back okey , and you have rmp as a job option for you, i.e getting 60+ and having c gcse in english and maths,, you will then go on selection ,then if you pass that , they will give u a date , I want rmp, but i know that there intakes are not as regular as infrantry of course!! I think we both know your best speaking to the recuiter m8!!!
  3. from looking at what other trades are coming back as don't expect it being before early part of 2010. If it is then bonus. I have gone and got a temporary job, as I'm expecting around march time. You would be best asking the recruiters though. They said they weren't sure when i asked
  4. it took me a year from selection to start date. but its worth it....as i love it
  5. How long is a piece of string? There is so many things that can hinder your application process its nigh on impossible to judge when this will happen.

    Having pass selection for RMP, I wish I could give you more information, as I am going for int corps first, my recruiter has not been fully focused on telling me about RMP dates. So I dont know, but I have got a long wait for Int corps selection so he wont bother with telling me dates if I was going straight for RMP.
  6. A guy told me that the rmp are 140% full , if thats the case , and if its my chosen job choice, and i did good on selection, would i still get acepted ?? or would they say sorry no room at the in" ? or would i have to wait up to a year like some peolpe say . Please only people who ca give me a non made up answer.lol.
  7. I passed selection 2 weeks ago and I got accepted into RMP. So at the moment, I can defiantly tell you this is not true.
  8. been told by my recruiter if everything goes to plan at adsc in lichfield this month will be looking at the september intake for rmp
  9. I passed selection mid-March and start basic mid-August..

    Helluva long time to wait, but it's (hopefully) going to be worth it
  10. I passed selection at Lichfield on 27 Jan 09. Had to choose where I wanted to join as my 2 job choices werent allowed due to my eyesight. Decided on RMP in early Feb and got given start date of 15 June 09.
  11. Started my application nov 08 and passed selection 2 weeks ago. just my phase 1 date as mid november. good luck
  12. I passed selection for RMP in February and I start phase 1 August 17th. Is this the same date you start?
  13. I'm going RMP, passed selection end of June and start basic in October. Anyone going then?
  14. The RMP are not full, but they are getting close and they have just brought in a new addition to their recruiting standards in so much as you must have a clean licence, any points and its a non starter (for new applications and not anyone already in the system i might add).
  15. Not heard that one mate. I got all my points whilst in the RMP and what do points mean...no driving details lol