RMP recruitment question.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Sam3773, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys.

    I'm just coming up on the interview stage of my application (I've been through medical papers and stuff) and have just completed the BARB test which I scored 81 on.

    I didn't think I'd score high enough to get in the RMPs, but apparently I did so I've put them as my primary choice.

    Because I've been looking at the infantry selection process, I just wanted to know what differences there are between the infantry selection and RMP selection, other than a criminal records check.

    Also, for infantry I have to do 10.30 run time for the PFT, is it the same for RMP?


  2. Ask your recruiter about the run times, but there is no change in the process...

    Barb, Lit and Num.
    Phase one - 14 weeks
    Phase 2 - 22(as it says on the brand new RMP leaflet April08) weeks southwick park...
  3. Brilliant. :D

    After unsuccessfully trying to be in the civilian police, I would have thought it was harder than other regiments.

    Got level 1 on my Lit/Num (Not sure if that's good) so yeah, interview and ADSC left then.

    Thanks for the reply.

  4. You'll get a Numeracy and Writing test during phase one training, you also have longer on the run (11:30 i believe) but aim for 10:30 seeing as thats the standard at phase 2 now.

    I stand to be corrected, but i believe all potential recruits go through police checks before employment
  5. Run time is now 1030 across the board, otherwise you don't leave until you do!! You're doing OK, it's a good job they lowered the barb test.
  6. the run time i had to achieve in order to pass ADSC was 11:30, but it is very easy to get under 9 minutes. mind you, you'll have to do a 800m warm up first. keep focused on what you want and you'll pass it, it's all in the mind mate
  7. Yeah, I've started running every night now trying to do 4 miles a night at least. Press-ups, sit-ups.
    I want it VERY badly. Each time I start to get tired I just picture the red cap and it makes me push on harder.

    To clarify, because the ADSC PFT confuses me, do you still do press-ups/sit-ups? Some say yes, some say no.

    Got my interview with my ACIO on Wednesday so I'm brushing up on RMP knowledge. Can't wait.

  8. Wow they lowered the standards..
  9. Funny that I know a few people who seeing a red cap makes them run harder.
  10. How so? Was the required BARB test higher before-hand?

  11. The tests do not include any sit ups or press ups, the only time you will do press ups is during the PT session, but you are not tested on this, it is just a beasting to amuse the corporals lol. So to sum up, ADSC does not require sit ups or press ups.
  12. LMAO! :D
  13. if you want it THAT badly you will get it, that's what happened to me. do you know everything about RMP?
    where the phase 1 is, phase 2, where they are based, what the job entails ect?
  14. Thanks. :D

    I did a week with the RIFLES and they did a mock PFT which had press-ups/sit-ups in so that threw me off as well.

    Just my run time to get as low as possible now and I should be fine. :D Thanks guys.

  15. Well I never really looked into the RMP in detail before the BARB because I didn't think I'd make it, but after that I have looked at every aspect I could find. The RMP website, wikipedia, here and yeah, I'd like the think I know a fair bit now. What sort of questions do they ask? I know where P1 and P2 are, I know what the job entails and I know things about who's in charge, when it became part of the AGC, etc.