RMP Recruitment Question/ Confussion

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Taffy87, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys I’m new to this forum so I apologise for any bone questions in advance, I’ve just finished uni (foundation degree sports studies) and have applied to the Met, but I’m trying to keep my options open in case this goes bell up so I’ve looked and read up on the RAF Police and RMP, to be honest id rather join the RMP over the RAFP, any way I spoke to a recruiter today on the army web page regarding recruitment as I do not have a C grade in maths and this is needed to join, he then said that due to my further education (Btec and Degree) I may be eligible to join but the decision would have to come from the RMP and CO first, so my question is as anybody been recruited this way before and what are my chances of being recruited/ accepted in to the RMP

    Cheers in advance

  2. If the Met don't take you then you're f*cked. They are the easiest farce to get into.

    If you have a sports studies degree join the Army, any badge and later join the PT corps. Or if you are only thinking fit as oposed to actually fit then join the RAF as a PTI as you can join direct.

    Please, Please for the love of god don't join plod just because you think you are clever. Get some life behind you first.

    All the best.
  3. Id much prefer the RMP over any other corps as my main goal is to become a police officer after a military career (if I fail the met) and the RMP is related to this job but as the first post says I'm not sure if I'm eligable if any one can answer this question it would be much appreciated as if I can't join the RMP my next port of call is the Royal Marines cheers again
  4. Don't join the civvy police. I did, have 13 years service, 2 commendations and a load of other gubbins under my belt and the job is ****. Most people of my length of service and more who are too close to their pension to **** off and do something else, are crossing of the months till retirement.

    Golden days of good old boys looking out for each other and pissing off local villains are gone. Nobody of any calibre is interested in the job these days so they have to recruit ethnics and mongs and fuckwits who dont have the right instincts, common sense, guts etc.
    The Met and couple of other forces are the worst/slackest at recruit level as has been mentioned.

    However, if you are the one recruit out of about 30 or so on the intake that is any good, then the Met is def the place to be for specialisms later in your career. Mind you, what did you say your degree was in!
    You heard it here first.
  5. Taffy

    Not having GCSE maths is probably going to hold you back regardless of what career you go for. Why not just sort it. It's really not hard, especially if you got a bit of one-on-one tutoring before.

    Are you sure you know what exactly what the different jobs you're looking at do? The police is not a nice place to be at the moment, admittedly the Met is better in some ways than others, but in most forces the bad publicity about paperwork and short staffing is not a joke. Trying to plough through literally piles of pointless paperwork at 5am after having worked for 10 hours isn't fun or rewarding.

    The police is very different to RMP, even more so with today’s commitments, which is again very different from RM. I don't just mean job role but also socially, family life, colleagues mentalities, esprit de corps, and the freedom and responsibility allocated.

    Basically, each person joining each of these careers needs to really want to do the job to put up with the sh1t that comes with them, because it is worse than civvy jobs. The reason people put up with it is the love of the job - so if you want to be happy and successful - make sure you're taking on a job you really want to do, more than anything.

    As a graduate have you thought of a commission?
  6. Couldn't agree more. The level of back stabbing and arrse protecting is just insane. Most cops are in now for a nice cushy ride, sod camaraderie and team work. There is no feeling of job satisfaction and if you're unlucky enough to be in a force where pc's investigate and file their own workload then you've got 75% of your time sitting in an office to look forward to. I know mates with civvy office jobs who spend more time dealing with the public and out of their office than i do. They also get much better resources, don't work weekends or shifts and are paid twice as much... bitter? not me!
  7. I didnt have a C or above in GCSE English, seemed to get in without any problems!
  8. You may end up being bitterly disappointed with your choice if you decide upon RMP, It isn't what you may be lead to believe. Why they are asking for maths for RMP I'm not quite sure, but perhaps that to whittle down the numbers of applicants as there are many (allegedly...we get the figures from the resident experts every now and then). Nothing in RMP is above the average person in the street. Nothing. You may be better off (I do not speak from experience) by following the advice to join the RAF as a PTI and thereby making use of your degree. Seems a shame to waste your qualification. You could stay in further education and get the maths qualification that you need,join RMP and then apply for a PTI's course and further up the road try to transfer to the PT Corps (but there will be strong competition) of course, but I why take the long route when you can go straight to that trade group with the RAF upon joining?

    RMP is full of good blokes. Sadly a good number of those blokes don't hang about for a full career as RMP has never been known for it's expertise in personnel management. There are without doubt some good managers in RMP, but they are swimming in a sea full of mediocrity and self serving tossers, and sadly they find it hard to keep afloat and end up as demoralised as their troops. Very few of the decent ones get through to the higher paid jobs.

    The choice is yours mate, but don't hold too much store in RMP. It really isn't that great. There are other jobs within the Army which may interest you. Alternatively, the RAF or indeed the RM, may just be what you are looking for.
  9. Shortty, probably one of the best posts I have read on Arrse.
  10. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Taffy, my best advice (and I'm new to arrse too) is to get your C in maths. If the RMP is want you want then get your C and apply again, keep pestering them till you get what you want. The worst they can say is no, in which case you've got plan B it seems, or, you can join other corps, there's plenty of choice. Good luck
  11. Besides all that do not - for a second - believe that being ex RMP woill give you a leg up over other potential recruits in the met. Ex Forces is what they like - Ex RMP, Ex Infantry, Ex Gunner it matters not.

    Join the Forces because you want to - not as a stepping stone to something else.
  12. Have you considered maybe joining the RMP TA and re-sitting Maths GCSE in the meantime? If you join the RMP TA you can go on regular attachments and have a look first hand before commiting yourself. There are quite a few in my unit who are doing this at the minute.
  13. Very true. In fact being ex RMP may not be in your favour if that is your intention.
  14. Sorry for the lateness in this reply guys I haven’t been able to get on to ARRSE for the past two days, from hearing about what you guts have to say on this and reading up on the RMP a little more I probably will be better off either getting the C grade or just joining the Royal Marines oh the endless possibilities haha anyway thanks a bunch guys you really have clarified in a no BS way the pros and cons of the job thanks again

    Taffy x
  15. Sorry to be a pain in the arse guys but im confused again (as always) Ok I spoke to a recruiter yesterday who contacted the RMP and they said on the next intake it was possible for me to join on a "Shading Reference" how often do potential recruits get accepted on a shading reference?????

    Cheers again

    Taffy (aka pain in the arse welshman)