Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by centman, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Any members of the above Corps that started their Military Career at JLR RAC.

    There is to be a reunion at the Tank Museum at Bovington in September 2009.

    It will take this long to put together, as JLR closed in 1993. Since that time there has been no reunion, and ex boys and staff are now scattered Worldwide.

    If you served at JLR either as a boy or staff and are interested in a reunion, please either, start a thread on this site or go to the JLR site in the RAC Section.

    There is also a new site jlrrac.co.uk that is being put together by some of the organisers.

    If you need more info pm me.

  2. I know 4 of my mates who were RAPC at Jnr Ldr RAC.......... Sgt J** L** who is now **********, WOI P*** M**** from *********, SSgt J** A**** **********and a guy who instructed there I** B******. I think D** C****** was an instructor there to. You email most of them on DII if you are still in but failing that send me an email and I will pass around all the erd arases that I know!!!


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  3. There's nothing like PERSEC!! (In the last post at least). I'm sure Phil, Ian and the 2 Jons will be delighted to know you are advertising their whereabouts on t'internet.
  4. Nugget!

  5. Email on Route. However if anyone is interested please visit www.jlrrac.co.uk


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