RMP Rank on completion of phase 2

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jock1471, Feb 11, 2011.

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  1. I have a question with regards to RMP soldier entry. It states on the Army jobs web site that on completion of your phase 2 training, as a RMP soldier you are automatically promoted to the rank of l/cpl.

    My question is; is this promotion a substansive rank and do you receive the pay of a l/cp after your phase 1 and 2 trg which takes 1 years service?. eg. would you go stratight to rangel 1 level 5 pay, or would you be given a 'local' rank of l/cpl (range 1 level 1) and have to work your way to substansive l/cpl?

  2. Upon completion of Phase Two training you will obtain the rank of: 'Oi, you monkey tw*t!' And retain it until such time you terminate your service or transfer. Hope this helps.
  3. Just remember that the rank is given and not earned!
  4. here come the monkeys
  5. Answer to Original Question: You will be a substansive LCpl and receive the pay that goes with it.

    In response to the others, you will be promoted from Monkey Tw*t to Monkey Cu*t so it does get better over time, I personally have reached the rank of Monkey Motherfu*ker.

    As far as the rank being given and not earned, use that one stripe you were given to dry the tears of those that cannot earn it and subsequently get bitter as a result. Never mind because in 2 years time you will be given another one for free which adds double absorbency to their tears.
  6. This is what you get at the end of Phase II on minimal pay with your Mars Bar plastic tape:


    After a few years of maturity and not being a tout on grassing on your RMP mates after 1000's of hours GPD & Barrier Monkey work then you may progress to SIB, CI or or other duties. Thats when you will be held in higher esteem. If you want to be a cop then be a real Peeler in Civvie St. Most of our best Peelers are ex RMP and saw the light and became a real Constable of the Law catching crims. There are a good 15% of RMP who are dead on who I respect. The other 85% are not great and make a mockery of the RMP Capbadge and are a disgrace. RMP has a high BARB score and one of the highest PVR rates in the Army which speaks volumes. Polar Extremes in manpower & retention.
  7. CI??? When have RMP been involved in Counter intelligence or stagged on front gates? I think you may be confusing RMP with the RAFP!!As for retention, your information is way off the mark. The RMP has an excellent retention rate, hence the waiting list for new recruits to join!! You have obviously been out for a few years as PVR went out the window a long time ago.
  8. Good information above. But yes, it is Sub LCpl with level 5 pay the same as any other LCpl.
  9. They earned the rank by having the necessary life skills and experiences to be successfully selected by the RMP. They're not just people who were once sitting on their ass as they do everyday, only to suddenly think "oh, I'll go join the RMP today and get a promotion to L/Cpl". Those people wouldn't get anywhere near the entry doors.
  10. Have you ever actually met anyone in the RMP?
  11. As a maxed out private transferring to the RMP, would he/she go to level 8 on completion of phase 2 training?
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    That sir, is a load of shit. Can't say I've noticed a lot of difference between a nig RMP and one in another trade.
  13. I have. It is true. They are just better. Hence the motto.
  14. You're an RMP arent you..........................................?
  15. Approximately 10% are better, yes. The other 90% are a bunch of no-mark LCpls and Junior Cpls who were bullied at nursery.