RMP/QLR GOC's Reccommendation

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Baron, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. I see a member of 150 Pro Coy has received a GOC's commendation today. From what I can gather he was put forward for it by the QLR whom he worked with in Iraq. I assume all the awards, people have been put forward for, have now been agreed or refused. Speaking to a number of RMPS I was surprised to learn that no one in the RMP is due to receive any award for Iraq, considering 9 of their coleagues died, I am surprised, can someone tell me why they don't get put forward for any?
  2. This is not strictly true - some RMP did get awards for Telic (2 MBEs), including an award form the Americans (Bronze Star) for one officer (TA) who worked along side them.
  3. RMP are generally not forwarded for honours and awards because those who are in charge of them find it difficult to aknowledge the efforts of there own men under any circumstance, let alone operational tours. They will however immediately lap up any praise or award put in thier own direction with no hint of shame. Management at it's best. Well done to the QLR for identifying one mans work within thier battle group and for having the moral courage to give credit where credit is due.
  4. give that man an OBE
  5. black nasty are u ex rmp?? you hit the nail right on the head, well done
  6. Here, here !
    Well said that man !
  7. They also had a well deserved QCforB for Op TELIC, but due to the fact that RMP units are 'minor' ones (as other Corps can testify), they are seldom nominated for the awards that they should be.
  8. I remember a RMP Staffy that got a DCM during Op Granby. I agree with the comments made by blacknasty, it all depends on the hierarchy. Some are more willing than others to put forward recommendations for awards.
  9. RMP officers and AMS officers must be one and the same!!
  10. I think a lot of capbadges suffer from the same condition, generally known as integrity!

    Whilst not wishing to de-value any of the honours and awards, especially to those who do deserve them, the qualification criteria are (quite rightly) extremely high. Consequently those who perhaps modestly report an incident are not going to be successful in gaining an award.

    I have served with one unit in particular, where the truth was creatively crafted in order to secure gongs for the individuals of that unit. Other capbadges who had similar experiences were left entirely out of the equation.
  11. exactly, the slime get gongs for sneezing in the right direction, mainly because they are reported on so well.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Unlike the AMS :lol:
  13. This is very true. The SIB in NI in 1970/71 had one guy get a DCM and one Additional MBE for non-operational gallantry. These recommendations came from a Redcap Lt Col. The SIB officers were totally amazed that any of their guys got these awards. Left to them? Zilch recommandations.
  14. Sh1t In Bulk are too busy stabbing each other in the back to be aware of anything else going on so I am told. :roll:

  15. I think that stabbing in the back is not just an SIB trait. Is it not an RMP behaviour generally?