Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jimbo12345, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Is it possible to become a PTI through the RMP as it is in other corps?
  2. Every unit, including every RMP unit is required to have a PTI. Its is a fundamental part of the make up of the organisation and it is inspected annually to ensure it complies. However being a unit PTI isn't a full time job in the RMP, it is an add-on for those who wanna do it for 'prestige' 'promotion' or 'pullin birds'.

    In short:

    Answer = Yes!
  3. if your an rmp your already a bar steward,, why become a complete ...
    ....he he he .rmps normally use the gym at the location posted , ptis come from host units ,,,,thats not to say you cant do a pti cse,, its trying to get your boss ,give you the time to go do it,,,,,,,
  4. You can tell from the beginning of the answer pupgreen doesn't know what he is talking about.

    Independent units, note the use of the word in bold, are self administering and are required to have all the ancilliary support staff within their organisation, less obvious specialist support, ie pay, veh mechs etc. PTIs are coursed up at the PT school to carry out the units annual PT requirements. Only small detachments would go to an outside unit for this relatively minor support function.
  5. Pee-narse!
  6. Simply - yes

    You can become a unit PTI and remain RMP capbadged and then if you really, REALLy like running, why not transfer to the Army PT Corp :)
  7. I know of several that have done the APTI as a LCpl or Cpl and worked as a PTI in Pro Coys and then gone all the way to become SNCOs in the APTC. Do it as there is a need for more PTIs.
  8. Rumour has it they get an allowance for baby oil and really large mirrors :twisted:
  9. There is even a chance of a sunshine posting to South Park as a PTI
  10. With PT not being so much of a training directive these days I wonder how long it will take before the PTI's in South Park are binned to save yet another penny at the much loved home of the service police.
  11. Given the general apathy in todays society and the poor standard of fitness of recruits, I'd hope the PTI's are the last to leave, with the possible exception of the Regimental Col!
  12. Please explain? How can this be so or are there fat knacker ops running alongside Iraq and Afghanistan?
  13. Nah,they'll get rid of policing before they do that.
  14. You mean they haven't?
  15. We're thinking about it.