RMP Promotion - A warning

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Serving_Monkey, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. To all those wishing to join or have just started their career, please read the following to prevent years of suffering.

    If you are going to be promoted in front of your peers, it is decided in DCPG and first posting, extra effort is required on the kissing of bottoms if you fall into this bracket.

    An usual handshake helps matters greatly

    Avoid CP at all costs

    Be if your face of the OC 24/7

    An honest mans back is an easy target to the inept, don't trust the clowns in the unit, they are talking behind your back

    Bitter................you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can we move this to NAAFI so we are better able to give deep meaningful advice?
  3. Ooops, looks like someone’s started on the Sherry early :roll:
  4. Never mind mate, there's always next year! (Assuming you work hard enough next time, that is...)
  5. I didn’t think the results were out until Thursday

    Have you been peeking :p
  6. I have met quite a few bitter RMP already. None of them appear to be particularly good at their job though and most are over weight. I had guessed that was why they had been passed over for promotion, not as a result of them not kissing enough arse.
  7. Wow. You were bitter about this in March last year when you first posted on the promotion process and you clearly didn't listen to the advice given then. I gave you the benefit of the doubt then as did others. However it really doesn't seem like you are promotable. Your limited posting history is a litany of bitterness! Get out... now... you clearly don't like the job and no-one is going to promote you with the attitude you display.
  8. Join the REAL Police force before your 'SNCO overhang*' swallows your stable belt.

    *SNCO rank not required in the vast majority of examples.
  9. Probably the most sound piece of advice given on this forum. If you are not happy, move on to somewhere where you will be. Life is too short, as they say. :)
  10. Here we go again . How can anyone really expect others to comment on individuals presumably they do not even know.

    When its closer to home you can make a guess why Cpl x or Sgt Y did not get selected .

    When you were reported upon you must have had an idea that maybe you might not be selected and presumably from a previous post its happened before i see.

    Throughout my service there was a handfull of examples where guys I served with and really rated did not get selected and i stress a handfull.

    As a previous post said move on it will eat you up .

    But then its maybe better to be eaten up in a financially secure environment in this crisis .Token guestures are great at the time but when you are outside the wire then the penny drops .Invariably the same senario will unfold in the company you join
  11. Don't move mate, stay where you are. Post next year and let us know if you got lucky!
  12. If you are really that unhappy PM me and I will jack you up a posting to my Coy and then I can arrange for you to get 'Brown Enveloped'. Problem solved!!!!!
  13. /This

    and ofcourse if he does come off next year, it will be down to hard work and promotability. The whole you have to be a brown nose to get promoted will be sooooo last year :wink:

    Anyway, better luck next year.
  14. The problem is that I love the job, the people I work with and can assure the many i'm keen, fit, and very good at all jobs handed to me. My burning issue is promotion within the Corps, it simply sucks at all levels - time for a change, any ideas as without a doubt more than one RMP Officer logs onto ARRSE and maybe when they become PM they might change it.
  15. Quite a hard question to answer without knowing your career profile/length of service. Have you thought of an interview with your RSM and asking him? He should be trained to give you the advice you are looking for - ask him for an honest answer on your career prospects and how you can improve your promotability chances.

    We all have times in our career when we feel that we have been passed over and people who appear to us to be tossers are promoted above us. It's life mate, get used to it as it does not just happen in the RMP or even just in the services.

    Just look at your pay packet each month, calculate you pension now and then and keep smiling.