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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by greengoblin, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi there I've been trying to get hold of an RMP documentary which was made yonks ago. I think it was a six parter on the BBC . It wasn't the recent one which was on channel 3 including the Iraq war.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated
  2. What the f*ck for? Do you want to ridicule us further? Wasn't the fact that we made c*nts of ourselves first time around not good enough for you. Need to point out to your kids what happens to RMP Officers when TV cameras are around? So desperate for a laugh that you need to point out Co-Co the Clown in a mobile OP wearing a wig as part of his cover? Need to ask again, why an Officer turns up at a wounding when in fact had the cameras not been there, the screw attached and the probie Sarge would have been turfed out to it. Need to see the great JHQ furniture heist again....just for old time's sake? Need to ask why the only who people on the entire series who came over as two blokes just doing their job were the two GPD lads from Hohne?

    Go on..........rub the salt in. Harder!, harder than that! More salt!...more salt!

    PS. If you ask Northern Biff, he ay send you an autographed copy. He had a starring role in it.

    Over to you NB and Western.
  3. Is this the Frank the flower arranger series? Good grief! Why do people slag the Corps off when it is more than capable of opening itself up to public ridicule all on its own? I remember being at a Branch Reggie Dinner just before this was aired and their was a round of applause for the participants. Imagine that, public praise for exposing yourself as a cock!

    Shortly after this a Met DS said to me "I see you guys are not trained in basic interview techniques are you not covered by PACE? It must be great to get away with so much sharp practice."
  4. Blame me. Frank L. was the junior of all junior sgts in up country Hong Kong when I was WOI there. He was frightened of Gurkhas who were his main customers. I was for writing him off but OC (Jock guy M**fat) insisted he be trained in situ. At least I improved his driving as I insisted he bring his sad attempts at statements down to the Island and write his reports at the edge of my desk - just like detention at school. Next thing I knew was seeing him in full flow on the tele.
  5. Had the careless habit of forgetting where he put his wives as I recall.
  6. It was when HW was intervewing the black lad in York for Indecent Assault and reacting to one of the lads responses, H says "Prove it". Sorry H.........that bit is your job mate.

    Then there was the squaddies wife who turned up at York to make a statement. She said that she didn't want to be filmed but after a private conversation with the Programme Director, it was arranged that she would come back the following day and would be filmed. Next day she turns up dressed like 'Donna' the Geordie Slapper from 'Soldier, Soldier', which just happened to be in it's 2nd or 3rd series at that time. All stereotypes about Squaddies Wives were fulfilled that day.

    The look on BWs face when she showed up the next said it all.
  7. He ended up as CO (G). He was ace. An Officer who actually gave a sh*t about his troops. Happily retired (and deservedly so) to an Island in the Med.
  8. My DI was quick off the mark the day after that wounding episode was shown. Stood there in my office doorway asking what the CivPol equivelent of a Major was. He had a great time asking why a D/Super would even be out of his bed at that time in the morning let alone for a S.20.

    They kept it up for about a week. What an embarassment. I gave up tying to tell them that it was all for the cameras.
  9. Was that not MC (the guy with the eyes that could look a hole through his suspect's head)? I seem to recall HW's starring role was the "Pte Sheppard, theft of rations type skit" entitled "Cake Tins for Kahuma". I agree with most, it was a a pretty poo series!

    After thought: I also laughed some and then some again over the MOD tool kit/crowfoot skit. Are we sure it was not intended as comedy from the onset?
  10. ....and why dosn't K**** M***** look any different now than she did then? Spooky that!
  11. I'll bet you're too scared to say that to her face.
  12. Hi

    Wanted to try and kick start this thread again because I didn't really get any real answers last time around. Apologies if you've already read it.

  13. Try calling the RHQ shop - they may know where to get a copy.
  14. I have seen copies on Ebay. There is always the book, if you are that desperate.......
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    When you get it download it in serial form on Arrse so we can all enjoy the glorious exploits of the Corpse of Royal Mility Police :batman: