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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by LMGC, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question with regards to RMP postings and whether or not soldiers are given the opportunity to list a preference as to where they will be sent after Phase Two training.

    I appreicate it will always be a case of being sent where you're needed.

    I'm considering joining the RMP after 8 years in the Civilian Police, however, my other half will be staying in the job in London if i do join so i'm having to look into the possibility of where i might realistically end up.

    It's obviously a big decision as we're looking at getting married next year. Ultimately, there are going to be pros and cons to whatever i decide but it's a case of weighing everything up and deciding what is best in the long run.

    I've become completely dissilusioned with the Civilian Police. The whole job has gone t**s up in the relatively short amount of time i've been in and i'm reaching the age now where it's a case of 'now or never'.

    I don't want to end up regretting not having joined the RMP as it has always been something i have wanted to do but on the other hand i've also got to take into account the fact that i'm going to be starting a family within the next couple of years.

    It would also be good to know how serving soldiers manage with living away from their families when moving with them every posting is not an option although i have a feeling this might not be the best forum to answer that question.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If your partner is going to remain in London, you will spend alot of time either separated or commuting. You have a chance to give preferences for locations, but ultimately it's where the most need is, which may be Germany!

    1st step, go and visit an Armed Forces Career Office and take it from there.
  3. When i spoke my recruiter he did say you will go where your needed, this could be Catterick, Donnington, Aldershot but also could be Northen Ireland, Germany, Cyprus which would bad for your situation of being away from home.
  4. The bottom of the Ocean, would be a start. Presumably your skill in fitting suspects up is the big draw here, and you can be assured that Monkeys are adept at fitting up toms as any Plod is with their civilian counterparts.
    However on the bright side, you will get some proper small arms training and murdering 5 year olds in bed or Brazilian electricians is not part of any military curriculum.
  5. Well in your profile it mentions PARAS... would you like to open a shit can of worms?

    As to the Electricians, what planet are you on if you think that LonDist MP were involved? I read somewhere, somewhere, that a large majority of UK SF were from the PARAS... wouldn.t know mind but hang back on calling the kettle black.
  6. Now onto the bit you won't like. As your over-riding concern at this point seems to be can you get posted near your girlfriend, I politely suggest you stay in the job you have. Unless you and she realise that sacrifices will have to be made and that one of the biggest ones will be time apart, possibly in separate countries, then the Army is not for you.
  7. Oh for fucks sake please stop replying to this idiot.

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    If it's RMP related it's the aspergers **** yet again.

  8. Dreadfully sorry old chap. Would you like a G&T?