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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ozne, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. A quick question which has probably been posted and asked in the past numerous times! but once you have completed your phase 2 training down at Fareham do you get to pick where your posted or can you narrow it down to a country for example UK or Germany,or is it totally random and you just have to grit your teeth if you dont like it?


  2. You go where you are sent sunshine, youre in the Army now, not Thomas Cooks Travel agency
  3. Anyone else like to answer this without being a smartass?
  4. There is a few RedCaps past n serving, frequent this fine site. No doubt you will be cautioned on your future career.
  5. As fdj has already said, you get sent where they need you. I put down 2 different postings and ended up at Aldershot which wasn't even one of my preferences!! :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
  6. O I wish I was back in, "smartarse" is it, you aint even in my old Corps yet.
  7. and breathe!! :)
  8. Breathing....................................He wouldnt be! Never come across a whippersnapper that I couldnt handle, even my OC used to call me Sir, the warrant still rules I presume.
  9. Ahh really? Ironic enough I wouldnt mind Aldershot! :)

    Thanks guys.
  10. Are you for real child? God help the Army.
  11. You'll get your chance, about half way through Phase 2 training to put in your preference postings. Its by unit......However, you'll find that you'll get posted to where your needed, which will be the next Provost company to deploy!

    And dont bother putting Cyprus down, no one gets it!
  12. I did lol, only once did I get the choice I asked for. Spent most of my time In Berlin and BAOR, only spent 4 yrs in UK in 25 years of service. Best posting by far was Berlin where there was proper policing and of couse winding up the Easties in the Goon towers on the border, the Ieskellar was good, hoisting the rear wheels of the lannie up onto blocks and connecting the hand throttle whilst in gear to ensure the miles were clocked up,especially when it was 15 below freezing. lol
  13. You've gotta skive to survive!
  14. Iwas a young Cpl in those days, wouldnt dream of doing it when I reached my Warrant, and made sure the guys knew that I newq the tricks lol