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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mike444, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. I am about to join an ATR in May to Join the RMP. I know that you join a company but can you be posted to a location as an individual detachment i.e say Warcop because it only holds a battalion. What are the chances of vacancies on operational tours with RMP
  2. RMP are organised into Provost Companies (supporting Brigades) within a Regimental framework (supporting 2* HQs and Commands).

    Within that, some Companies break down even further, but Police 2020 will change all that. Every Garrison will get its own infrastructure policing Company (including Gutersloh - at last!), leaving the other 3 companies within the RMP Regiment 'free' for op tours (3 Bdes - 3 Coys).

    RMP get posted all over the world - literally - and are currently labouring under an approximate 43% op tour turnover. You are almost guaranteed to deploy on ops twice in your first 16 months with a Pro Coy.

    SIB are also being reorganised with the Police 2020 piece, but its going to be a loooooong while before you can do that.
  3. Police 2020? Sounds like a long way off.
  4. Hmm is that not the way the RMP do things now? :twisted:

    if not why not?
  5. Which Bn is being posted to Warcop ? - that sounds like shitty death to me.
  6. Worchester and sherwood foresters are at warcop just now