RMP Posting when speaking local language.....

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hnsl, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon All,

    This is my first post so be gentle!!

    I would like to know if my speaking certain languages will get me posted the country(s) of which language I speak?
    I speak German, Arabic and Korean. So would I necessarily be posted to any/one of said countries as I speak its language...??

    I know you go where you're needed but would the languages come into consideration when being posted?
    (I don't mind where I'm posted, just curious). AFCO were vague with their answers...

  2. The short answer is no. Language abilities will have no bearing on where you are posted to within the RMP. You will be posted to a unit that requires you, and your abilities to operate as an RMP, not as a linguist.
  3. One of the lads I went through basic training with had an Egyptian mother, he looked the part but had a broad lancashire accent. He wanted to improve his arabic so that he could visit the rels without feeling like a c@nt. He asked about courses and was soon whisked away to some AGC gaff in i think Beconsfield. Shortly thereafter we had the first gulf fracas. I haven't seen him since. A few years later I was in the area with a couple of mutual mates and we decided to look him up. His mum was not at all happy to have us their and wouldn't say where her boy was. That very evening we had a visit from the special branch, who were we and why did we want to know where he was etc. etc. Leave it out and don't ask about "them" was the message.

    I suspect that language courses can very much affect where you end up.
  4. I'm surprised the Int Corps weren't keen to talk to you... I believe they have some interesting postings.
  5. Thanks for the info guys.

    Well, the Int Corp was my first interest but as I've resided out of the UK (I'm in Australia) for longer than 30 days (will be here for 18 months working and studying) continuously I cannot be considered for the Int Corp.
    RMP was my second choice so hopefully they won't change their residency policy!..

    Cernunnos thanks for your reply.. Makes me wonder about the postings. I certainly do not look the part of an Arab/Korean. Just your typical Brit.
  6. Once you're 'inside the wire' you may find that your options broaden a little. You have some very employable language skills and we find ourselves living in very interesting times, so to speak.

    Ensure your fitness is first class, too.

    What are you studying, BTW?
  7. Ok thanks, good to know.

    My fitness is up to a pretty good standard for a civvy..
    1.5 mile run best time 11.27. Average time 11.36.
    Heaves average around 18.
    All the other tests I can pass with confidence. Still have a year to train so hopefully get the run time down.

    I'm studying the following units from a Bachelors degree at Murdoch Uni. Not studying full degree as money and visa requirements don't allow it unfort...

    International Security Studies
    Perspectives on Security and Terrorism
    Violence and Terror in International Relations

    Will these things actually be of help in the RMP? I chose them when I thought I was eligible for Int Corp....
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Are you sure that being in Australia is a problem for the Int Corps. They offered me a slot after I'd been in Hong Kong for 9 years. (I didn't take it). Have you approached them directly? If not I think you should.
  9. I sent the Int Corp 'administrator' an email and am awaiting reply. Will make a follow up call by weeks end.
    First, AFCO told me I was eligible for Int Corp. I have the email, explained my situation and such. They said it was fine.
    I was on the Army Careers online web chat and a SSGT said I wasn't eligible due to the 10 year residency rule.
    Same for Electronic Warfare too but not RMP?? But if I was working for the Australian Government I would be exempt from the rule..?

    In the email sent, I offered the Int Corp my having the Australian Authorities (Police & Immigration) give the Army any information held on myself by any government body/organisation. Offer references, payslips, even my tax return.
    I am happy even to check in with the local civ plod and be drug tested monthly if they wanted it.

    Anywho, its all hurry up and wait. Feel like I'm 'in' already! :p
  10. If tha kin speak t'Yorkshire, that kin get thesen a posting t'Catterick.

    Ah'll si thi!
  11. Or, alternatively, you could get set to Brecon Det where developing a blow hole and being able to speak through it could be a distinct advantage.

    Or go to donnington where you won't need to be able to talk at all because there's no fooker there.