Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by TRAZTAZ, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Is it normal to find 3 sets of PRR Bowman radios for sale on the net in the vicinity of Tidworth? If not please let me know and I will post link/send PM to allow you to search for the things!!
  2. You could of given me a few hours mate to allow me time to remove the advert 8O
  3. yes very normal as its also civvy kit, defence sales at andover etc
  4. ok normal then I guess, strange thing to want at 220 quid a shot, man I hate em its a crap bit of kit
  5. Never mind this whistle blowing. Get out with your dog!!!
  6. I quite like prr to be honest - beats shouting
  7. Grass.
  9. Call me old fashioned here, but why are some of you referring to the original poster as a grass?? Surely he is right to point out if some dick is selling this kit on Ebay? Get a grip people!
  10. Nob
  11. Muffin, really, how so fella?

    Surely you understand that if people are selling these radios then any tom, dick or indeed ahmed can buy them and reverse engineer them to make a perfect victim operated IED, i.e. when you walk past wearing a radio and transmit on it, it pops? Who's the knob now matey?
  12. As already stated by Bipolar these can be purchased anyway.

    Hopefuly Tom, Dick or Ahmed dont have a read of this.
  13. Like they wouldn't have thought of it all by themselves. :roll:

    It matters not that they can be purchased anyway, as pointed out by Bipolar, the fact is that someone put it on here with a legitimate aim, to highlight someone probably selling STOLEN property, yet some on here chose to ridicule for it. No need really is there, seeing as how the assertion as to the origins of the property is probably correct.
  14. ebay send to Afghan?