RMP Phase two training

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ray_Of_Johno, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi i wonder if any of you know.
    Is phase 2 training for RMP still carried out in Chichester?
  2. If your location is Hampshire, you may have heard through local press that it is carried out in Southwick Park, Hampshire or as some of the instructors there call it...Southpark. It is now the defense police college.
  3. I think, and I may be wrong, that it is now the Defence Police School....
  4. Defence Police College, Southwick Park in Southwick Village north of Portsmouth
  5. The headquarters and training centre of the Royal Military Police is situated at Southwick Park, Southwick, near Portsmouth, at the tri-service Defence Police College. It moved there on 27 September 2005 from the RMP's longstanding HQ, and former depot, at Roussillon Barracks in Chichester, West Sussex.
  6. Its correct name is:

    Defence College Of Police And Personnel Administration.

    The PA department has not yet moved from Worthy Down. The last time I checked AGC (SPS) were still looking for a home, and Southwick looks like it might be it. However the MOD is currently restructuring and wants to merge phase two training establishment and is contemplating training all branches of the army on one or two sights (a sight holding many thousands of personnel).
    There are a couple of names in the hat as potential training sights, however the service police (as well as RMP) are keen to stay at Southwick, as the idea of training service policemen alongside infantrymen as well as all the others is not an attractive one due to the differing training objectives, and the obvious problems that will arise.
    Should such a supper sight(s) come into operation I’m sure RMP would be tasked to open up a provost company and SIB detachment to police it.

    The Headquarters of the Royal Military Police is situated at Trenchard lines in UPAVON, Wiltshire. The same sight as HQ AG + many other directorates.
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  9. Your link is for the Regimental HQ (RHQ) not the HQ of the Royal Military Police.
    The RHQ is not the directorate of the Royal Military Police, HQ PM(A) at UPAVON is.
    The Regimental HQ comes under the Chief of Staff (Col B*** W*****) at HQPM(A) who is answerable to the Provost Marshal of the Army.
    The RHQ (and RMP museum) is now preparing to move from Chichester to Southwick Park as PM(A) has now secured funding for the RHQ to move, this will now take place hopefully by early 2007.
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