RMP Phase 2???

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by glenn1808, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. alrite folks, im joining RMP shortly (waiting on that f**king medical)

    was just wondering if anyone had any details about what im going to be doing during phase 2 of my training, since the job brief tells you FA. Also does RMP phase 2 cover driving?

    cheers :wink:
  2. I have the Job Brief in front of me. It says you will learn about civilian and military law and maintain a high level of fitness. You will also be made aware of the requirements of a police officer in investigating, detecting and reporting crimes. Finally for those who don't hold a licence, you will learn to drive a car, Land Rover and possibly a motorbike.

    RMP have a full NVQ programme and maintain linkswith civil police, often attending their courses.

    After four years general policing duties as an RMP you have the opportunity to specialise in a variety of areas including Dog Handler, Special Investigations Branch (the army's equivalent of CID) and Close Protection (the army's bodyguards).

    Basically, every other soldier will despise every breath you take.
  3. You have alot more info on your brief than i do!! though its still quite vague considering its referring to somethin as important as future career! but thnx for quick reply, i didnt realise you actually got your licence during training.

    and hey, it could be worse, i could be applyin to be a snowdrop :p
  4. Glad to be of service. I originally chose RMP after failing the selection for the civvy police but I changed to the Corps of Gods, the Royal Engineers :headbang:

    Good luck mate but whatever you do, don't be tempted by your fellow RMPs.
  5. you'll not become a dog handler.
    you'll be lucky if you get your bike licence in the first 5 years of service.
    NVQ???? in what?
    often attending civpol courses?

    that job description is highly optimistic.
  6. :roll: Yep, and the entire RMP lie awake every night worrying themselves sick over what a 'combat navvy' thinks about them.
  7. In keeping a retired Colonel in the manner to which he is accustomed.
  8. you mean an NVQ in bone driving details to upavon and airport runs (level 3)?
  9. Nice to see that nothing has changed :)
  10. How is 'The Colonel' nowadays? Is he still in politics?
  11. Remember - for every dishollusioned RMP you will find ten that are happy in their job. Good career choice mate..
  12. Drug taking legal now then?
  13. Awww that's not fair, I remember you were always smiling at work, you weren't on drugs then were you (or is alcohol officially classified as a drug now)?

    Anyway, I am being serious, most RMP are happy in their jobs, okay some get pizzed off with certain aspects of it but that is the case in all jobs. I still think the Army, in particular RMP is an excellent choice of career
  14. When are you going to join then?