RMP Phase 2


Written on the back of a fag packet, in crayon with space for a stamp.

In seriousness:

Week 1-2: Induction & apprenticeship (Babcock)

Week 3-4: legislation training

Week 5: statement training

Week 6/7: Personal Safety Training/CSI (split week)

Week 8/9: REDCAP / domestics / RTA trg and other bumf

Week 10: arrest, entry search and seizure

Week 11: Suspect interview training

Week 12-17: environmental training (working shift in a police station dealing with pretend crimes)

Week 18 - 20: Pro Ops/CLM trg

Week 21: grad week

Once you pass out at the end of week 21, you'll get your disco card and remain at DSPG and conduct driver training which will give you your B, C and CE licences and can take anywhere from 3-13 weeks to complete.

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Fake Sheikh

War Hero
Do they have a passing out parade at the end of phase 2?
Yes, or they did a while back, with cuts it might just be a photo & shake of hands from the CO

And you can invite mates from Phase 1 Training to come along.

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