RMP Phase 2 Diversity Training at DCPG

Anyone recently passed out of RMP phase 2 training at DCPG?

If so what kind of Diversity/Equality training did you undertake during the course at DCPG?

Did they show rmp recruits the bbc documentary 'the secret policeman' about racism in the civilian police force?

Tryin to encourage my freind to join who is of ethnic background and is wonderin what they do at DCPG. Army careers office was useless!!



Would that be 'James Cameron' as in the campaigning journalist in who's name an annual award for outstanding journalism is given?

You must think we were born yesterday, mate.
so if some one replies and says yes there was diversity training what hav i achieved? **** all, hardly news is it, not a jurno its not a taxing or interrogating question. You must be infantry!!
jamescameron13 said:
Even if I was, which i'm not, nor am I SIB just askin a simple honest question. Can you help!
Why would you be thinking that we thought you were SIB? Are we supposed to be worried that the SIB may be lurking in the darkest corners of Arrse?

Do one jurno :D
My friend is just worried he'd get a hard time, i've told him to go for it - best job and fastest promotion in army. Why th **** wud a jurno be routin 4 stuff on here. Anyway i know it sounds crap n bollocks laters 8)
nottyash said:
Biscuits_AB said:
jamescameron13 said:
- best job and fastest promotion in army
Somebody's been lying to your mate.
Worked for you BAB.
Kidding of course, just sour cause it did not work for me. Ran out of instant tan.

For the original poster, I have, I emphasise have, served with a number of people, for that is what they are and like everyone else you treat them as you find them, as long as they work hard, as everyone else does they, be it male, female, animal or mineral will fit in well.

When it starts to go pete tongue is when they question their treatment, i.e. when they get treated the same as everyone else, but then later claim it was because they are different.

Your working on Saturday. Why is it cause I am black. Lesser mortals back off, for fear of reprisals.

To my mind you are a team and you take the rough with the smooth. In my experience most do.

That is no different to an 18 year old white bloke saying but I was going out on the piss that day.

In the end people treat people as they find them. They, the team work there arrses off just like anyone else.

If you were to ask me about serving parents then that's a different story.

Their kids are apparently the future so can have as much time off, at the expense of everyone else as they like. Don't you dare challenge their 'right' to skive.

Am now wearing my helmet.

Edited for a whisky addiction.
I'm from an ethnic minority background and I wish to join the RMP. I look at the Army and life in general this way, there's good and bad in everything everywhere. It is a fact that in a culturally diverse community, there will always be 'bad eggs' who are bigoted. Is there any more racism in the Army than there is in civilian life? At the moment, I'm not qualified to answer this question but I would guess that there are fair individuals and there are also racist individuals. If you had a civilian job and experienced any unfair treatment, be it racist, sexist or whatever, what would you do? Sort it out by going down the proper channels, I don't see the military as being any different. I don't think you can ever make sweeping generalisations about an organisation as large and indeed diverse as the Army. Advise your mate to try it, if he experiences any negativity then try to sort it. If he finds it's not for him, then as with anything else, move on.


good attitude Jammy. To be honest, the key word within the phrase ethnic minorities is the 2nd one..and in RMP I have seen less than in other walks of army life - this may be a reflection of times past, and it was/is the case with civpol too, but positive discrimination and setting targets to recruit from specific backgrounds often breed there own problems. That said, if it is a historic belief about respect/ability, with more foreign and commonwealth than ever in our ranks, it may just be that they would welcome the sight of more diversity also. Don't let the fact that you are in 'the minority' influence your enthusiasm for your potential choice of arm a jot - you will be judged on your ability and performance by the vast majority (or, those with jaundiced views of RMP will be biased against you because of that, not colour).


There haven't been many 'minorities' (if I may generalise), in RMP but that doesn't mean that there aren't any, nor does it mean that the doors to a career in RMP are closed to anyone. It may just simply be a case of the job not holding any attraction for the individual. I don't have access to any figures, but I would stick my neck out any say that amount of minorities within RMP merely reflects that within the Forces as whole. Not everyone wants to join the Army or any branch of it, simple as that. It's nothing to do with racism. The job just isn't everyone's cup of tea. There are no 'issues' as to colour or gender in RMP. In my experience there never have been. It's pretty much the same as the rest of the mob. Nobody cares what colour you are.

As Failed_Civvy says, you're judged on your performance. Just like the rest of the mob.
My wife is mixed race and has had no dramas in the corps (may have something to do with being good looking and female!) I have met racists in the past including one who allegedly has links with Combat 18 but people like this are few and far between. The lads and lasses I know will take you for who you are and so long as you accept everyone gets ripped, you'll have no dramas.

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