RMP Phase 2 Diversity Training at DCPG

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by jamescameron13, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Anyone recently passed out of RMP phase 2 training at DCPG?

    If so what kind of Diversity/Equality training did you undertake during the course at DCPG?

    Did they show rmp recruits the bbc documentary 'the secret policeman' about racism in the civilian police force?

    Tryin to encourage my freind to join who is of ethnic background and is wonderin what they do at DCPG. Army careers office was useless!!

  2. Jurno Alert....
  3. very helpful!!!!
  4. It's true, you do sound like a jurno.
  5. Even if I was, which i'm not, nor am I SIB just askin a simple honest question. Can you help!
  6. Would that be 'James Cameron' as in the campaigning journalist in who's name an annual award for outstanding journalism is given?

    You must think we were born yesterday, mate.
  7. so if some one replies and says yes there was diversity training what hav i achieved? **** all, hardly news is it, not a jurno its not a taxing or interrogating question. You must be infantry!!
  8. Why would you be thinking that we thought you were SIB? Are we supposed to be worried that the SIB may be lurking in the darkest corners of Arrse?

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  12. My friend is just worried he'd get a hard time, i've told him to go for it - best job and fastest promotion in army. Why th **** wud a jurno be routin 4 stuff on here. Anyway i know it sounds crap n bollocks laters 8)
  13. Somebody's been lying to your mate.
  14. Worked for you BAB.
  15. No. I worked for it. Unlike many others.