RMP Phase 1 !

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by renovatiouk, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi. Could anyone shed any light ,if there is an intake for RMP in November or this year?I passed my selection in May this year and I got good grade, but back then I was told that it may only be one intake left for the RMP this year.However, I read on this forum that some guys started phase 1 on 13 Sept and others on 11 Oct ?I mean is this possible?I understood that for the RMP Phase 1 were only 2 dates available this year ,one seem to have been back in April ,or something like that and not sure about the second one ...if there is a second one.There are people starting on 1 Nov at Pirbright but on different trades, so does anybody have more info about RMP Phase1 starting date,or how many times a year they do this selection for phase 1?
    How many days (minimum ) in advance a recruiter will let you know if you got selected, as in a starting date ??
    Thank you .
  2. There is an RMP intake on the 8th November. I passed selection 8th December 2009 and didn't get a date for phase 1 until mid may this year. As far as i'm aware there are only intakes in April and November but I may be wrong. I was told by my recruiter that it could take up to 6 months until you get a date. All I can advise is to be patient, keep fit and injury free, and check in with your afco every couple weeks. Hope this helps and good luck
  3. thank you.
  4. So there is nobody else here, which might know anything, about any RMP intake?!
  5. Possibly April.
  6. I know there are a shit load of intakes going through SP - resulting in trg teams with 2 platoons at the beginning of next year...
  7. So there are more then 2 intakes a year ?Is it possible that my recruiter wouldn't know about this?How many days in advance ( minimum )would they give you, for a starting date? I believe it would be more then 24 h ,or not ? :) And what about any intake this month ? Did we had any intake in November ?Thanks