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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by cidercountry, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. To anyone who can shed any light it would be most appreciated. I passed my selection training for the RMP in July, with what I was told was a good pass. However I was told I would have to hang in there till 2010 to get a spot at phase 1, which I understand the reasons for. I spoke to my recruiter just before xmas and he was unable to guess at any date as he did'nt think they'd been set yet. He said he'd be in contact when he knew more, but has anybody have any idea when the next intake would possibly be this year?
    Many thanks.
  2. phase one for RMP is just army basic training. there is a gap as there is only 5 to 6 intakes of RMP a year taught at Southwick park on phase 2 to train as an RMP. i had to wait 10 months from selection till basic, so dont worry. in terms of training its 14 weeks basic at pirbright now, then 26 weeks at Southwick Park, Police College in Portsmouth. you will just hyave to be patiant and wait for now, expect a long wait
  3. Actually, there are 8 courses a year at DCPG Southwick Park, which each hold up to 24 trainees (including Non-Bowman Voluntary Transfers), the hold up at Phase 1 is starting to diminish, i would expect to be called forward to Phase 1 between Feb and May, as slots start to become free! also we get a number that change their minds or just get tired of waiting and opt for another Capbadge. If you are really intreasted in RMP then just hang in there, you will get to Phase 1 soon!!
  4. PM is right (For once), expect to get a call from Phase 1 in the near future as we are now filling the 2010 course slots at DCPG!
  5. Thanks for the insight, most appreciated.
  6. I just got my start date earlier this week, 13th september. I think spaces are starting to free up for most Regt's.
  7. My recruiter said the same sort of thing last week, spots opening from August-ish time, hopefully be on that september date with you!
  8. yeah you never know! lemme know what date you get when you find out.
  9. Hey guys,

    Just been reading your posts, Im hoping to transfer to RMP from QA's, Im going to afghan soon and dont come back until October, have any of you got any idea about intake dates etc? I have already put my transfer papers in to get the ball rolling but I obviously still have to do my tour.

    Also do you lose rank if you are a trade transfer?

    Thanks :)