RMP Pay (yes, we get paid) Query

Pay advice needed.

I'm an RMP (V) SNCO (sorry in advance) posted to a training unit (not RMP).

My pay this month took a hammering with over 30 deductions from my pay as "Arrears." Someone has suggested that these deductions are a result of losing trade (or specialist pay) as my training post does not require an RMP. I do not train RMP but all arms and cap badges.

However, I still wear the big red target on my head, still wear the patch and still carry an RMP Warrant Card so in essence, I would still be required to intervene should anything occur. I also volunteered for an Operational Role only to be told that the RMP doesn't want it's soldiers doing the role for which I applied. So, I'm still patently 'RMP'.

Is it not the case that no matter what job I'm doing, I should still be getting the pay of an RMP SNCO.
Yes, you should still be paid the same rate for the job you are doing as you don't get paid trade or specialist pay anyway.
What NM said. From my stab monkey time I was never received any trade pay, only increments as I progressed to the heady heights of class1 full screw. Get onto the clerk and find out the real reason for your cash going missing.

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