RMP patrolling West End?

While wandering down Gerrard St (Chinatown) on my way to a mediocre meal with my GF last night, I saw a copper on the beat with an RMP. I've never seen that in London before, what's the deal? Looking for wayward toms, or what?

I would have asked him, but he had that no-nonsense disgruntled monkey face on...
I left London a couple years ago, but even then RMP went on patrol with the Civi Police quite often, gives us something to do.

There are a lot of Soldiers on the Pi$$ in the west end at the weekend (Wellington Bks, Chelsea Bks, Hyde Park Bks, St Johns Wood Bks, Regents Park Bks etc), so it gives us some lads on the ground. When I was there, we also parked up on Leicester Square to show a presence/perv. It also confused the Sh!t out of the Civis.

It definitely beats sitting in the police station all night.
Not only does it give them something to do in London, it also gets the Corps in the public eye

Joint Patrols are fairly common in most places there are RMP.
Bravo_Zulu said:
Dealing with soldiers, probably. The civvy police will all have hidden in the nearest cupboard, so they have to fetch the RMP.
Ram it!

I think the chaps from LonDist Provo Coy at Rochester Row go out on foot patrol with the chaps from Charing Cross nick to keep an eye out for any wayward lads from any of the London Barracks.

Damn useful as part of resettlement if theyre looking at CivPol when they get out.
hedgie said:
If things kick off and the Policeman has to get his hands dirty

will the RMP jump in to help them ?
Yes and that behavior has been demonstrated many many times in countries across the world wherever RMP patrol with the indigenous police.
hedgie said:
If things kick off and the Policeman has to get his hands dirty

will the RMP jump in to help them ?
Absolutely, we do it regularly...
hedgie said:
If things kick off and the Policeman has to get his hands dirty

will the RMP jump in to help them ?
Only if he doesn't have to put the dohnuts down :)
I have to say that I don't often see the RMP from Rochester Row out and about up the west end, not that I'm saying they don't. Although I and few colleauges have been known to drop in there for a brew. I find it quite strange that we (MDP at Whitehall) don't really have a working relationship up there with you guys.
I was in London last week and saw what I thought were a couple of female civvies with police utility belts on. Couldn't believe it when I saw 'HarrinGAY Police on the back of their pink sweatshirts!!'
I spoke to a RMP Sgt about this and he said that someone high up in civvy pol doesn't like the RMP going walkabout in the West End and that they are trying to put a stop to it.

I don't understand why they are trying to do this - the RMP will always jump in to help out with any civvy matters so it's almost like the Met having an extra copper out on the beat, which can only be a good thing!
Sad to say I would agree. Even when there was a decent sized Army there wasn't enough street crime by soldiers or sailors and Airmen) to justify RMP foot patrols in the West End. There was however plenty to do and certain West End Nicks and all the Central London BTP stations provided more than enough work if you could be bothered liaising with these guys. I don't imagine Kings Cross on a Friday evening or Waterloo on a Sunday evening are free of misbehaving squaddies even now.

The UJ Club was a good source of absentees, just go and carry out a register check at three in the morning there will always be at least one there.

All the resident units have their Local Pubs. Find out where they are and be around at closing time plenty to do there. London District can be as quiet or busy as you like, I for one was busier there that a lot of the time in Germany.
I agree in principle however RMP do not have constabulary powers, so only have any person powers in relation to the public and also what about any complaints? They do not come under the IPCC and also who has the vicarious liability in terms of individual actions I couldn't see the PM having that in relation to patrolling the west end and the commisioner certainly wouldn't. That may be the reason why you have heard borough management are not happy with the RMP. To the officers on the ground it doesn't matter they are just another pair of hands, I'm in the MDP at Whitehall and have had to explain that we are not military police and the differences and what we do and where when, when helping the Met out.
Before retiring I was based at Rochester Row. We regurlarly went out on foot patrol in the West end, no civvy bill, just 2 Redcaps. I always found that our powers under AA 55 were sometimes very useful. If civvy bill nicked a scroat for something and suspected he was Army they would ring us. We popped in and a quick vada of the suspect and you knew he was a squaddie.' You a soldier', 'Yes Corp' ' Produce your ID card', 'Can't' NICKED!! Too easy, then civvy bill would get the info they wanted and everyone ws happy. Did joint patroils in Colchester town centre as well. Essex Old Bill always happy to see an extra 2 bods turn up for a punch up or whatever. Glad to see it still goes on.

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