RMP Party - Sounds like fun

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Hantslad, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Fancy snitching on your comrades like that. Poor.
  2. i think you will find it was the sps cpl attached to the coy that decided to email the photos to the press and then claim he was 'hacked'

    I agree with the point that you made, however, unfortunately the old saying that what goes on in the mess stays in the mess is well and truly dead, especially if there is money to be made.
  3. Would you expect anything else from that lot?

    Incidentally, did you notice her toungue seems to be firmly in her cheek in the photo, and is that really his jacket, the shoulders seem much too wide!
  4. Well, he deserves to 'go down' (pun fully intended) for letting that moose blow him. The Corporals should learn not to let other arms in the screws mess if they want to keep things in house.

    Stuff like this happens in most messes, even the officers' mess every week. The guy with the camera will no doubt be viewed with suspicion in any unit he will serve with in the future.

    Anyone got a copy of the blow shot. Could make a few pence on mingers.com with that shot!
  5. What lot? The SPS?

  6. Maybe he just got a little head???
  7. Am I the only one to fail to see how this is news? The Telegraph's becoming a fucking tabloid.
  8. :lol:
  9. Sounds like the AGC(RMP) have dropped a 'bollock' here .... 8O
  10. He does have a smile on his face and she is probably just finishing off to save the stains. Look at her face ... clearing out the spunk from between her teeth .... :wink:
  11. The case must be finished by now...Anyone know the result?
  12. According to The Currant Bun, the case was dropped against her, but he allegedly admitted exposing himself, but that's according to The Sun, the paper which supports 'Our Boys'.

    With a bit of luck the whole thing will be a wash out and they'll both walk.
  13. I can't believe it got that far in the 1st place! What a waste of tax payers money.

    CO - "Right you 2 idiots, listen in. You keep your kit on, and keep control of your bint.....and you....save that for your house.....now get out of my office, and I don't want to hear anymore of it"

    Job done.
  14. His rank may have been the decider on that one Smudge. Bit of a daft thing for a WO or SNCO to be doing. But the naked bar thing? F*ck I've seen worse conduct from Officers and they were never Courts Martialled.

    There's a couple of lessons there though for everyone.

    1. If you're going to f*ck about when your pished....don't be stupid enough to get photographed.

    2. Ask yourself why that bloke is aiming his mobile phone at you? Does he get off on naked squaddies or is he keeping the image for a rainy day?

    3. Never employ the clerk behind the bar and if he's this side of the bar... make sure he's out by 10.

    4. Always have a written record the clerk's vehicle details.

    5. Always maintain a good liason with HM Revenue & Customs.

    6. Always ensure that on posting his recieving unit know what a low life untrustworthy c*nt he is.

    Alternatively, keep your kit on.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.