RMP outclassed by Dubai police force

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Consider, what would you rather be seen driving in. this:

    MP car.jpg

    Or this:

    Lamborghini-police_2533064b (1).jpg


    Keep it nice...
  2. I would love for some one to try running from me if i had the Lambo he he

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  3. I thought the air conditioning was quaint on the RMP car though...
  4. Not seen any of them knocking around Dubai. That said I've not seen many coppers either. Rarer breed than British bobbies!
  5. Fally stop showing off.
  6. Mind you, they'd be fucked if that had to go over a speed bump!
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  7. Designed by Italians...

    Built by robots...


    Driven by arabs...

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  8. Mind you I wouldn't choose the Met. Not sure which Force runs the Lotus.

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  9. Is it not West Midlands, around the Birmingham area?
  10. Kent isn't it?
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  11. Not showing off mate. There's plenty of people who live in Dubai who are poor.

    fortunately I'm not one of them. :)
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  12. Kromeriz- google indicates you are correct- it is West Mids that has/as of 2011 reporting, an Lotus Evora!

    The monkeymobile still looks better than the black Chevette estates they used to drive.
  13. Bloody Vectra at 160 in 1993...
  14. Monkey shop in Tidworth used to be at the back of my block. I remember in 1986 they just got their new Cavalier- night shift managed to dint the back end reversing the first night they had it.
  15. [​IMG]

    Ger off my laaaand!
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