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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by HE117, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. I was recently at an OTC event where a Cpl RMP turned up wearing a brown leather Sam Brown...!

    Now, I know RMP wear a white cross belt, but does a brown one figure in any known order of dress for ORs?
  2. Will this do :D

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  3. No he was improperly dressed. The dress for contemporary RMP NCOs is:

    Worn and threadbare orange beret.
    No 2 Dress shirt, no tie, under washed out Jersey HD pullover.
    Denim trousers, preferably not pressed.
    Boots, non-issue, usually from Silvermans. These should not be polished.
    Under said boots, civi or rugby socks, preferably orange or yellow for effect.

    In BFG a knife-proof vest is worn on duty especially where RRS wives are in abundance.
  4. I thank yew...

    all clear now!
  5. What did you get lifted for?
  6. You had to get that close to give such an accurate description after all.
  7. Talking about uniform, whens the new stuff cummin in? Heard we will look more like storm troopers than GCP??????????
  8. What new stuff? You're not talking about the new 2's are you?
  9. IMHO this best thing you can do is contact your HQ!

  10. Heard there was a new duty order coming in? All black like the civil police. Same news for the last few years, but this time people have said "yes it is comming"????????????
  11. Bl00dy hell, how old are you?! RMP haven't worn white suicide straps for quite a while now. If he was a Cpl he should've had a normal/white OR belt with 2s, same as every other NCO in the Army - as with everyone else only WOs and Offrs wear Sam Brown.

    Potential walt (god know's why :roll: )?
  12. ...Fairly ancient I will admit :D

    I did see the badge wandering in his general direction, so I will find out if there were any repercussions!
  13. JESUS!! You guys (and the RSIGNALS) really must review your Recruiting Team 8O