RMP or Traffic Warden Who are worse??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ronnie8781, May 31, 2006.

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  1. RMP

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  2. Traffic Wardens

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  1. Both a bunch of cnuts but who are worse? Answers on a postcard please!!
  2. Fecking Traffic wardens! i could quite happily stab them all, bastarding Nazi's. 3 funking min late i was, £80 fine i got .....twats
  3. I have just written to my council because I have photos of three of them parking on double yellows to book others in the same line of parked cars!!
  4. the monkey's for me gents for a stage as a singlie i thought i was a honoury one because i was always helping them with their enquiries :x :x :x :x
  5. Traffic wardens without a doubt. Everyone of these little nazis that I have ever met has been a complete cnut!

    The RMP have always been very polite to me and have applied "discretion" when they have caught me doing silly things over the years.

    There is no contest between the two.
  6. WASPs all the way. Everyone of them a nazi fatherless who failed to get into any other organisation that wears a uniform and takes it out on the rest of humanity.
  7. I would say that traffic wardens are a bunch of fatherless cnuts. A pal is one and about the only decent one I know....he does admit to being forced to sign tickets or lose his job which, I suppose, doesn't add to their street cred!

    The RMPs are OK, just don't do it or don't get caught!
  8. Traffic Warden booked a local woman who had left her car to give first aid to an old lady who had collapsed on the pavement.
    After giving first aid the women then confronted the Warden and explained the situation.
    The Warden declared that as the ticket had been written out, nothing could be done except to appeal to the council.
    The council then said it couldn't recind the ticket unless she provided evidence of the incident.
    Her parting shot was that she would fight it all the way and all the council had to do was talk to the Traffic Warden in the first place.

    Tw@t Traffic Warden + Tw@t Council = Bureaucratic Bullsh1t........... :frustrated:
  9. Traffic Wardens required for interesting sedentary outdoor work.

    Job Description – Targets will fall when hit!

    Nuff Said (but in all fareness, if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't park on them double yellows..... unless you have foreign plates, know what I mean :D )
  10. We should all carry a 9 milly and be allowed to take pot shots at them..... I wonder if hmtq has ever been ticketed????
  11. Traffic Wardens may be cnuts, but they are cnuts because they have to be to meet targets, like someone said earlier on. I blame the money grabbing cnutish councils.
  12. Traffic wardens ofcourse bastards gave me a ticket. RMPs can and do turn a blind eye !!!!
  13. Traffic warden, same as above with the blind eye situation.
  14. The traffic warden i my town obviously failed his police entry exams, he struts around like fcuking john wayne with his ticket book in one hand and a six cell maglite in the other..... what a to55er! RMP are an ok lot really, as long as you dont kick the arrse out of it and there are quite a high percentage of monkeys that have transferred in from other arms and they know the score
  15. Ah Ronnie imagine seeing you start this thread! You have left the Army and yet you continue to go on about the RMP when they no longer affect you. I presume you have some fetish about RMP or were either investigated and reported by them or failed the entrance test to join?

    Get a life and start an original and decent thread!