RMP or royal engineers?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by FAILED_BOOTNECK, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Cant decide on joining the army as a RMP or as a draughtsman in the RE. Anyone have any comments?
  2. One thing to bear in mind with the Royal Engineers is that choosing Draughtsman as your trade doesn't necessarily mean that you'll actually do it very much (although you have a bit of a better chance than with some other trades). Forget about shining your arse in a warm office, doodling on a piece of paper - it's far more likely that you'll be swinging a shovel in a muddy trench or humping bridging panels around (ie combat engineering). If this sounds like fun, the Corps is for you. If not, be something else.
  3. Thought you were dead set on airborne RE, with reference to your post in the RE forum here?
  4. MMMMMM............ Monkey or Sapper in the best corps.. Do you really have to have a thread about this??
  5. Why would you want to be a policeman as opposed to a draughtsman? Two very different career choices......
  6. Roughly translated into English, that comment really means...

    "i cant decide wether to take my natural ability to f ucking p1ss people off and develop it as a career in the monkeys where my life will be a whirl of deep rooted criminal investigations into er .... drunkenness and er... speeding .... and er.,..... being a chopper and pressing my kit, or Join a Corps highly regarded as the finest in the army who's main off duty habits include being drunk, speeding and beating up choppers..."

    is it just a funny coloured beret you're after mate....?

    what next

    "i quite fancy a nice sky blue hat to match my eyes, can anyone recommend a mob apart from the AAC as they're all hand pumps especially MDN?"
  7. It all depends on wether you want to build roads... or stand on them directing traffic.
  8. No contest, go Sapper.
  9. Sappers are respected and loved by all - were like little cheeky monkies always getting up to mischief and having fun.

    The RMP's are just a bunch of cuunts.
  10. I appreciate that things have changed in the interim, but my father started his career as a RE draughtsmen in the fifties. He rarely had to get his hands dirty, mostly he seemed to be involved in survey work for airfields, coastal defences, hospitals etc. Two blokes, a Landy, a theodolite and lots of tea. He loved it.
    Apart from 'puters and GPS, have things really changed that much? :?
  11. ... and bringing along big Tonkatoys to dig holes for the rest of the Army, saving them hours on end doing it themselves by hand, and install showers for them, and build them bars, and...

    ... who have a chip on their shoulders about not even being proper coppers, don't get to do much interesting (except close protection stuff) and are almost universally unpopular with the rest of the Army.
  12. That sounds a lot more like the ME Surveyor job to be honest. The drafties mostly spend their time designing things on computers at Chilwell.
  13. As an individual who has on many occasions been first across a newly constructed bridge as part of an assault river Xing after all night endeavour by the Sappers, observed them crawling on their bellies clearing a minefield for me to cross, watched them work thier boolox off to facilitate a critical phase in the battle or just sing like welsh coal miners in an after rugby match piss up i have nothing but admiration for the fine men of the RE.
    As for monkeys, well where do i start.... just a bunch of PONTI (People Of No Tactical Importance) tossers, unless you include route marking which the Boys Brigade could do.
    Join the RE my friend and be respected, leave the RMP to Walts!
  14. It has to be the RE all the way, i may of course be biased but however i have many friends that are monkies who are p1ssed of with the RMP, they are glorified barrier operators in certain units and only ever seem to investigate drunkeness, theft or set up speed traps on camp, i am sure they will do other stuff and am sure that some of the monkies on here will correct me and then we have the Royal Engineers See here are probably the most diverse Corps you will come across in the Army, we are admired and held in high esteem by many as opposed to the RMP who are admired by no one.

    If you want a coloured Beret then we do those also, not my cup of tea as i like my pies too much, but if it is that sort of thing you want then go for it.

    Your choice of trade isn't limited to being a draughtsman, check out the rest of the Sapper forums for some ideas.

    If you think you want to be a monkey then look forward to the endless paperwork and endless fights in Aldershot or Colchester.