Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Ozne, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. Just recently sat my BARB test, got a score of 72. So........

    I have always wanted to join the RMP which I needed a score of 60 which I have achieved. Upon further discuss my ACIO Sergeant said that in all honestly you will be looking at a year pluswait before you start training for RMP as its currently filled and the door wont be opening for a while.

    Upon my job choices (84) Int Corps OPMI came up and he strongly advised to pick this as well as RMP if you dont wanna wait, he said its an excellent career path and will get you good qualifactions. Just a quick question hows the job of an OPMI like? Im pretty interested just need some more info or first hand experience. Pretty stuck between the two.

  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's like picking blackberries on a blustery, gustery autumn afternoon...
  3. I find it like swimming in yellow egg custard.
  4. If you've "always wanted to join the RMP" but might have to wait, so you are now "pretty interested" in being an Op MI then I insist that you **** off and wait until the monkeys will take you.
    The INT CORPS isn't a work experience organisation or a 'feeder' club for the feds.
    Follow your dream - I imagine that there is no better job than investigating NAAFI punch-ups and barrack room break-ins, and hiding behind bushes with your speed-gun.
  5. translation: I went out with a RMP once, he raped me!
  6. Severely **** raped!
  7. If you need advice as to a choice between RMP and Int Corps, then you are obviously best suited to join the RMP. You clearly have no imagination, foresight or ambition and will do well in the Red Caps.
  8. i would move this to the recruiting sticky, but i can't be arsed.
  9. Doesn't matter both trades are full of Cu... er jolly decent fellows actually!;)
  10. No honestly officer, we both have a speed gun, we just can't seem to find it at the moment. Mind you it is a bit dark and we were just cuddling up for warmth.
  11. oh god, are you still banging on about your "error of judgement"? i thought you were now too busy "spending time with your family" to get on arrse (so to speak). :)