Hi all,

Been for my BARB test and got two jobs that I want to do.

One of which, RMP, I didn't think I would be able to do but its been offered.

Was wondering if anyone could help me with this as I'm really stuck...

looking for pro's and cons for CMT and RMP

thanks to all that offer advice
RMPs are generally a bunch of backstabbing losers who couldn't catch a cold, let alone a criminal.
Have a look for the search function before you are cyber savaged, lots of threads on CMT and there have to be some on RMP somewhere.
yeah I've looked through the search functions, not really found what i'm looking for
You'll be lucky to get any positive responses about the RMP so your best bet might be to research this or post a thread on the AGC Forum. I'm going through the application process myself at the minute and considering a complete change of career in joining the Intelligence Corps. I was initially planning on going for the RMP, however, i've been a Civilian Police Officer for just over four years now and could do with a change.

What i do know for certain is that many people are having to wait months for vacancies for both the RMP and CMT.
Applicant told today, "CMT intake is Nov 2009 mate"
the intake for RMP is june and CMT is november (as said by MSI64)
That being said i wouldn't rule out joining the RMP. I only took my BARB test last week with my initial interview being next week. With any luck i'll have my medical forms completed within 2 weeks from now and my 203 interview soon after. All going well i might be able to squeeze everything in for a June intake in that case but i'm not that optimistic. I've got a feeling i'm going to be in the application process for the long run. It seems to be the norm these days for applications to take up to twelve months.

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