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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ishmale89, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of applying to join the RMP as an officer once I Graduate. I was wondering if anyone had any examples/experiences/ knowledge of what an RMP officer's role is on operations for example in Afghanistan? The kind of duties they carry out? do they have some of the same responsibilities as the Infantry.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated, as Operations is a big interest to me. Thanks
  2. Why do you want to join the army and pursue a particular career path without first knowing anything about what the job involves? Would it not be better to research all jobs within the army and then decide what you are best suited to?
  3. Try finding a copy of the few epizodes of 'Warzone' that was on the TV recently. Part of the series centred on a RMP Major.
  4. As T_B says, find out where you fit in - the various cap-badges differ in many respects.
    Although one thing, Ops comprise a small proportion of your job as a Pl Comd - Policing is the priority, as you may end up running the Rear Party Pl.

    If you want to charge round every day with the blokes, then Infantry would probably be your best bet.
  5. Hi, I have already researched a lot about the RMP and as it is the career path i wish to understand as much as I can about the role particularly on operations as their is little information on the internet about it. I am not interested in being infantry, i want a varied role where i can be actively involved in policing as i wish to join the MoD police later in life also and whatever experience i can gain particularly on operations is something i would like to hear more about. thanks for recent replies :D
  6. Hi Ishmale, as an officer in RMP and warned for operations you can expect initially to spend a good six months planning, conducting and participating in beat up training and pre-deployment with your Platoon. Once deployed you will most likely remain a platoon commander however be responsible for liaising with one or more Battle Group HQ as to the optimum employment of RMP assets. You can and should expect to deploy on these Batte Group operations with your close support detachments and, depending on the spread of your platoon, spend a good deal of your time visiting them in location to liaise with their supported Company commanders and check on their welfare etc.. all normal platoon commander stuff.

    You are expected to know how to complete all of the taskings that your NCOs are undertaking on operations and indeed fill in for them and their SNCO det comd's should need be due to operational demands, R and R or just to give a lad (or lass) who has been patrolling non-stop for weeks a day off. Hope that helps. Any specific questions feel free to PM me. The Platoon commanders I work with enjoy it and definitely enjoy it most when they are out of their HQ and working on the ground with their soldiers in forward locations.
  7. hi thanks for all the posts so far, if anyone else wishes to put any experiences in or anything that would be great!!!!

    btw Longwayhome and ninja turtle i have replied to u on PM's but not sure if they sent as theyre not in my sent box?
  8. So, let me get this straight: you have no idea what your intended career path involves and you can't be arsed to do some proper research? You sound far too over qualified to become an RMP officer! :wink: