RMP on frontline?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mossy, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Are the RMP forntline soldiers and do they have to make arrests within the Army very often? Whilst not on operations what are their daily duties?

    Help much appreciated!
  2. thought you wanted to join the REME.
  3. 1. The RMP are attached to Teeth Arm units on Ops, and when necessary deploy on the ground.

    2. They police Garrisons, and the number of arrests depends on where the Garrison is! Paderborn is V Busy, Wheras somewhere like Hameln is not. A lot of the policing in the UK is covered by civvy Bill.
  4. Dont be a fool Jim!!!!! :thumbdown:

    Cheers Easy!
  5. Agree with Hantslad. Having been on HERRICK and seen RMP fixing bayonets and mixing it with 3 PARA, they are definitely, as good as, frontline troops. The era of manning traffic posts over large swathes of the countryside are well and truly gone! :thumright:
  6. Who do you think signed to way OVER the border in Gulf 1 for everyone else to follow. Them SMGs must have terrifed the opposition :thumright:

    I nicked loads of people. Garrison WO1 in my first week at Duss (that brough the pains on :meditate: )
  7. You mean the mad bar stewards with right angle torches stuck in the back of their helmets and acted as human cylums? Mad or what? :numberone:
  8. I've just come across an interesting transcript from the BBC which suggests that this question was first asked back in 1991 and led to the creation of an "urgent operational requirement" in 2001 which has still not been addressed in 2007 FFS!
    Urry is the BBC reporter, Key is I think the MP for Salisbury Can't think who Drayson is (probably Minister for Defence Procurement Lord Drayson) but he seems quite mealy mouthed to me. The whole article is a good read and is much broader than RMP.

    On page 7 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/10_10_06_fo4_military.pdf

    URRY: When an item of equipment is listed as an urgent operational requirement, as these vehicles were in 2001, what is supposed to happen?
    KEY: Well then proposals are supposed to be put eventually to ministers from the military, through the Ministry of Defence for ministerial decision on procurement. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
    URRY: Do you know what’s gone wrong then?
    KEY: I wish I did, and I think that the Ministry of Defence wished they knew what’s gone wrong, and it is in my mind quite irresponsible.

    When put under pressure this response came from Drayson

    DRAYSON: The protected vehicles that the British Army has in terms of the Royal Military Police, there have been a range of vehicles going back twenty, thirty years. Those vehicles that have been available have been at the one end Land Rovers, through to the other end, thirty ton tanks like a Challenger tank …
    URRY: The Royal Military Police raised an urgent operational order in 2001 for better protected vehicles, because of the nature of the work that they do in war-time. They’re still not getting them now, five years later.
    DRAYSON: Procurement within defence does take time …
    URRY: Five years?
    DRAYSON: Sometimes it can take longer than five years to provide equipment. We this year have procured additional patrol vehicles to go alongside the Snatch Land Rover. We’ve procured the Mastiff and the Vecta and up-armoured some of our other vehicles which you would describe as a light tank, to provide the commanders, such as people within the Royal Military Police with the vehicle options such that the commander on the ground can choose, with his experience, the balance of risk.
  9. Westy,

    Interesting wee snippet. Thanks for posting.

    I am not quite sure where said MP gets his facts from, but he needs to get out and about a bit more. Challenger MBTs (and they are most definately not 30 tons!)? More like sticking your iron sighted rifle through the sliding window of your softskin Rover! As for 'light tanks'? The man's mad I tell you! :shakefist:

  10. I thought you would like that one. As he talks about the availability to RMP over 30 years I can confirm that the availability on Ops was Macralon Land Rover 1970s, Macralon Land Rover 1980s, Macralon Land Rover 1990s and oh yes two Humber Pigs at the Woodburn Hotel and one of those was IED'd.

    We were so envious of those Snatch ones! It was the same for the Branch except then we had Skodas and Seats, before VW bought them.
  11. Did you know that 'they' are even currently retrofitting the old 4 ton truck with add on armour for the cab? British Defence procurement is a bloody joke sometimes.......

    Did I just say 'sometimes'?

    I might just write in to the JEMS blokes with a suggestion that RMP are issued BMP 3 as a stop gap measure before FRES is born (100 mm main gun with a coax mounted 30 mm automatic cannon + 2 x MMGs and capable of firing AT10s. Swims, does 70 Km/h on the flat and you can fit a shed load of pin stakes and tac signs in the back).
  12. I can recall a box Bedford Incident Control Room that sat parked up in Aldergrove for two years. Also trialling the ten round SMG magazine as so many full size ones were tripping guys up getting out of cars. All because they were too tight to issue everyone SLR's. Mind you the scale for SA 80s 9As was) was for iron sights.

    Two comments there:

    1. Why on earth wait for FRES?
    2. If we had had BMP 3 in my day the Corps would have disbanded itself in a day using all those dangerous toys. Mind you would have looked good parked up at the Pig and Chicken in Templepatrick next to all those Austin 1800s trying to look like civilian cars.
  13. Western,

    Didn't you know that FRES is going to solve all of the British Army's problems in one foul swoop? They are even talking about parking them around Aldershot, Colchester, Bulford etc and using them as married quarters. They are THAT good!

    In all seriousness, the FCLV (or Panther?) would be a big improvement on what we currently have. I heard a rumour that some were coming the Corp's way, but that has died a death I believe. Anyone heard anything more?


  14. Shuttit ya pair o' Jessies. When ah were a lad, in't Minden, ah were on't front line just abart evry chuffin naht an' all ah 'ad for protection were bloody Sherpa van, wot were so top 'eavy it were lahk dravvin 7 man bloody canoe, and a fat 'og, wot were also top 'eavy, but not as 'andsome as Sherpa van. An' that were on't good naht.

    On't bad naht, ah didn't even ah've any tabs. Ee bah eck, it were rough. You young uns nowadays.....ya don't even know that you're born.