Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by lunchy_bunsworth, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. I have a mate who wants to join the RMP as an Officer. However, he has been told (not sure by who) that the RMP are not recruiting officers for a period (non specific) of time. Is this true or just some bull from the ACIO who want him to join some Jock Regt?

    Any advice for him?
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  2. Tell him to go to RMAS, do really badly and the RMP will take him immediately!
  3. Better still have your mate get a sex change, females are in the ascendancy in the RMP.....
  4. Sorry- Posted in error!
  5. I believe that the RMP filled their Officer Quota for the year. Best way to check for sure is to speak to either the RMP rep at Sandhurst or the RMP recruitment and liason officer at Worthy Down.

    Hope that helps
  6. No, that's not true, they're still taking Officers
  7. RMP are recuriting officers - FACT. However it does appear to help if you are female and have eyelashes to flutter which is undermining some really decent females officers we have who have real ability rather than the need to resort to charm and looks. .
  8. They are still recruiting officers, no one can afford not to, my advice for what it is worth is to get to Sandhurst and try and do what you want. The quota system is based on who commissions not on who starts so unless you are in your Senior term at Sandhurst the quota means very little.
  9. My mate is in the brown and smelly then. He is 6'3", ugly as sin and plays second row.
  10. Well the ones I've encountered possess neither charm nor looks. I believe that they had eyelashes, but won't go as far as to swear on it, as their foreheads were quite low.
  11. If your mate is a second row he will be prettier than most of the RMP female officers....
  12. Suprised that no-one has mentioned how F****ng useless they are.... OOps, There, I have gone and said it!
  13. No need to, we all know it
  14. This topic is so really unfair and biased.... what about all the s**t male ones aswell !! lets be fair
  15. Did you stamp your feet when you wrote the last comment! You shouldn't condemn the fact that a number of 's**t' male officers exist. If RMP did not have such officers then the girls would have no shoulder to cry on!! Fair point eh........