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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by BevisRory, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. BevisRory

    BevisRory Old-Salt

    Im 15 at the moment, so I'm still thinking, but I'm strongly considering a career in the RMP as an Officer.

    As an Officer, would I be 'on the beat' like a J/SNCO?

    Even though I'd intend to wait a few years, could I do CP as an Officer too?
  2. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    1. Occasionally
    2. Yes
  3. sunray757

    sunray757 Old-Salt

    As thorough as always mate!

    Hows you?
  4. VicMackey

    VicMackey Old-Salt

    1. For occassionally read - When you decide! i.e. its not the norm but there is nothing stopping officers volunteering to get out and about (except for getting in the way of the lads doing their jobs).

    2. For "Yes" read - There are a lot fewer CP positions at officer level however in recent years they have increased. Competition for the places that do exist is high.
  5. As an RMP Platoon Commander you can get as involved as you wish with 'on the beat' policing - provided you have the approval from the CofC. Unfortunately this will largely be dependant on the personality of your OC/CO. That said you will need to judge it carefully - as the guys and girls will testify the more you do - the more paperwork you will need to complete! When you balance it with all the other demands of a Pl Comd it will be your call. At the very minimum I would suggest that you spend a good few weeks on shift when you first arrive at your unit so that you get to see first hand what it is like for the guys you will be commanding be it millionaires weekend or deathly quiet. If you can try and get your first posting to a Germany based Provost Company. If you can cut your teeth there and survive! it will set you up very nicely.
    With regard to CP - all officers can attempt the course and providing you pass you will go into the CP 'deployable' pot. That said it seems to be quite difficult for DE CP officers to get deployed as CP team leaders. I am not CP trained myself- however those DE officers that I know that are CP qualified probably about 50% have deployed on CP tours. It seems to be being in the right place at the right time and how well you did on the course as to whether you become one of the chosen few! However the CP commitment seems to be ever increasing so all I can advise is get some GPD experience under your belt, prepare thoroughly for the course and do as well as you can. Then inform your CofC (probably at your 2nd or 3rd unit) that you want to deploy on CP and write it lots of times on your MPAR and OJARs.
  6. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    You really must be a DE officer (or, if not you should be) as you just posted exactly the same as I did, the only difference is I managed it in 2 words.

    PS - Did you realise you were writing to a 15 year old, he may not understand CofC, MPAR or OJAR, or indeed much else of your excellent, correctly aimed post.
  7. Lampard

    Lampard War Hero

    As a future Platoon Commander of the RMP, one would hope he's got the brains to use google etc to find out ;)
  8. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    Right so he can learn to use terms in SJARs that no-one understands but make him look clever, promotion boards can always use google to see if he rates you or not

  9. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    Yes, but you are known as a man of few words, and those words which you do employ are usually slurred and accompanied by large amounts of 'beery breath', interspersed with the odd fragment of gyros pita, or the occasional mayonnaise covered pomme fritte.

    Happy New Year.
  10. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    Since moving on from wife No 1, I occasionally clean my teeth nowadays. Happy New Year to you, you grumpy old man.
  11. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    I'm okay mate - how is your 'holiday'? Any news on a future posting?
  12. Lampard

    Lampard War Hero

    assuming he would use them..
  13. Biscuits_AB

    Biscuits_AB Guest

    What with...currywusrt sauce and Herforder Pils??
  14. Daytona955

    Daytona955 Crow

    Right, I am now going to follow my New Years resolution and not just slag people on Arrse for writing ********* comments.
  15. Lampard

    Lampard War Hero

    Mate..chill out.

    I'm not arguing in his favour, i'm just saying, the guy probably has sense enough to Google phrases he doesn't understand and the poster probably didn't mean to sound confusing..

    Smile, it's saturday! =D