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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by crw2609, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I’ve had a good look on here and it seems a lot of the threads are quite dated or answered by people perhaps no longer in the forces or a bit removed from the role of the RMP today (no offence intended and sorry if that isn’t the case), so apologies if anyone thinks I am repeating questions that have already been asked but wanted some up to date answers.
    I’ve passed Main Board and looking to go to Sandhurst after finishing university. Interested in the RMP because I’ve always had an interest in Policing, and I wanted to do some time in the military so it seems to be the ideal mix of both. I do have a few questions regarding the actual career path of an RMP Officer though:
    1) How much policing work do you actually get to do? I’m not naive enough to think an officer is going to do exactly the same duties as a soldier and then some, but from what I’ve read on here some of you imply it is almost just a “desk job” compared to what RMP soldiers do.
    2) I am looking at most likely just doing a Short Service Commission of 3 years. In this time, will I get to be CP and/or SIB qualified? I hear now that you have to be trained in both rather than just specialising in one.
    3) On operations, especially involving CP work, how much “on the ground” work do you do as a young officer, i.e. would I be patrolling with my soldiers, or what would day to day job entail?
    4) Also interested in doing P Coy or Commandos, how likely are the RMP to let me go do this? Anyone of any knowledge or experience of such situations?

    If anyone who is currently serving, or has a good knowledge of RMP workings could provide any help or advice, would be much appreciated. Also any RMP soldiers experiences of officers and how involved they are with your day to day workings.
    Many Thanks.

    PS. Let’s try not to have a RMP bashing session...if you want to insult my choice of career path, feel free to pm me, but don’t waste the space on the thread.
  2. Mmm...nice piece of bait there Johnnie. Loaded up to the gunnels. Let's sit back and see what you catch, although if I can offer you any advice...it would be to watch your timing. You sort of dived right in there. Speaking as an traditional 'fisherman'...I'd have waited a day or two.
  3. Assuming you are Kosher you could do a lot worse than PMing someone like Longwayhome. He's out now but should be able to give you a recent officers perspective.

    I'm out now but I have to say that I don't see a CO investing in all those courses to see you sail off after 3 years. They'd probably want a bit longer and a few op tours out of you to get that little lot in! Plenty of Feds float around on here too to give you the JO SIB perspective.
  4. Thank you Mr Shankly's boots. I shall pm Longwayhome at some point. And yes see what you mean about a CO not wanting to invest in the training if I was only going to be in for 3 years, will take that in to consideration.
    Thanks for reply.
    PS why wouldnt I be Kosher? sorry for the forum newbie naivety but why would anyone post something that detailed that isnt genuine...seems like a pretty pointless wind up...
  5. Drop me a PM and I will do my best to answer some of your questions.


  6. You'd be amazed at some of the pointless wind ups I see on here..... :)

    If you decide to go for it - Good luck! Hopefully Jonny will point you in the right direction.