RMP No 1 Dress Uniform hire for a wedding

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by armymom, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, can someone be of help and let me know where and if it is possible to hire a rmp dress uniform for a cpl. in summer of next year?
  2. No need to hire (even if it's possible to do so), just get the said Cpl to go to his QM and ask to be issues/temp loaned one.

    Free, gratis.
  3. Thx for the info. So, if I understand correctly every QM is able to issue or temp loan no. 1s.
  4. This may come across as a bit old school....... but he should only be getting married in uniform he wears.

    I feel revulsion for people who borrow/buy/rent uniform that they are not issued. It all strikes me as a bit of a dressing up game.

    But, as advised, if he is entitled to wear it, he can get it through the system.
  5. That's a bit strong, surely? Personally, I reserve feelings of revulsion for child murderers, coprophiles and necrophiliacs, not someone who, without the private income to purchase a uniform he will very rarely wear, decides to borrow one instead.
  6. As RMP does it have the dayglo / hi vis wording **** on the back of the bum freezer jacket?
  7. I doubt it very much, but I susoect that you do.
  8. I stick with revulsion for uniform fantasists and dressers up.

    For the groups you mention I feel slightly more than reviled.

    So, how does the thought process go?

    I'm getting married. I could get married in a suit. I'm a serviceman so I could get married in uniform. I don't have the uniform I want to wear. I could buy it. I could borrow it. I could sign it out temp.

    What a beautiful gesture for the bride's big day.

    Ref, your avatar. Do I know you?
  9. Squaddiekit.com hires kit out, they are based in Colchester, if you can't get any from the QM dept.

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  10. Or try the Worthy Down QM Dept, they normally have a load of '2nd Hand' ones that can be loaned.
  11. Are you serious?
  12. outfit

    is this what your looking for ?

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  13. If he's getting married, he will have years of misery ahead of him. Why not let him start getting used to the feeling by wearing blues?