RMP NCOs in the FOBs

I know it was said before about the lack of recognition of RMP NCOs, but having been up to a few of the FOBs my hat comes off to them.

I will say this before someone else does, i will not just take my hat off to our ladds but to all who go out every day into the green zone.

I saw one of ours on his own in a FOB, and when I asked him who was with him, he said that he was the only one because his management wouldn’t put anyone else with him???????

This caused him to go out almost every other day if not most days on patrols. He looked in sh!t state. He has not only to go out on patrols in an infantry role, but also as a Copper in and out of the FOB being the front line of all initial evidence collected after incidents.

Hats off and a safe return to all

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