RMP National TA - SIB?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by crimefighting, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I am currently a police staff investigator within a CID major investigation unit in the South of England. I have also got years of other relevant experience of operational police work through previous roles I held before the one I am in now.

    I have been trained in a number of roles (to a national standard) that are also carried out by Police Officer detectives.

    Having been thinking about the TA for a while now, I have been looking at the National TA element of the RMP. The SIB recruitment says you must have Police CID background. Would my Police Staff experience count for this or would you need to be Police Officer detective trained?

    Would the ARRC battalion be better suited?


  2. Before you get bombarded with advice on this most popular and charismatic of units have you had a look here...

    RMP TA - British Army Website

    These look like the closest unit to try... 253 Provost Company (Volunteers) - British Army Website

    Best thing is to give them a call. The RMP - even TA are a very closed bunch. But their main roles are directing traffic and making sure that women aren't smuggled into camp when the MPGS are off on one of their 9 allotted meal breaks per day. On active service they monitor the speed of vehicles responding to IDF attacks in Bastion - can't have anybody driving fast in a war zone. I'm not sure how much use you'll get in utilising your crime fighting skills. However they will be able to help you put your skill set best use. Good luck.

    Also don't rule out the Intelligence Corps either. The same skills (link analysis, communication intercepts etc) you use to track down scumbags dealing drugs in Peckham is of equal use in tracking down scumbags in Helmand using drugs to finance SIED's. There's loads of Plod in the Int Corps as well.

    Oh and finally remember that Military Law is different to Civilian Law. I was told by an RMP Lance Jack that apparently it's not rape if you shout "Surprise" first.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Some one may come along who knows the definitive answer. I don't- although my educated guess is that you will qualify for SIB - but this one you really should ask the unit concerned. Just give their publisher number a quick call.

    ARRSE is pretty good for getting opinions, less good on specific facts because you will be swamped by experts giving you opinions dressed as facts and you may may not be able to filter the facts from the opinions.

    SIB TA used to be an interesting unit with members drawn from quite diverse backgrounds. Most where CID but some came from other other investigative agencies including private industry. My contact with them was many years ago so things may have changed.

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  4. Those that can, Police.

    Those that can't, RMP.

  5. TA SIB ?...............................................Oh dear !
  6. 01962 887373 Give the recruiting team a shout.
  7. Feck off. Cnut
  8. They were if you were of a masonic mind...

  9. if twer me i would go for Int Corps - just because you are police now doesn't necessarily mean you should do RMP.
    Also, i think you will be a little surprised at the "non-parallels" of the term police.

    Int Corps would be a better use of your skills if you are permitted to apply them.
  10. You forgot 'elite', 'dapper dressed' and 'exceptionally well hung'. Anyway, enough about us. The OP needs to join the RMP TA first and go through the normal route towards SIB employment, that being LCpl, Cpl and then onto Sgt in SIB employment. You can't join (well you couldn't when I were a lad) the SIB (Reg or TA) straight from civvy street.

    One tip if I may, keep an eye on the G4S Policing Solutions webpage as they frequently advertise for civvy investigators for SIB employment. It's the same job as the OP is doing for the Old Bill, but for the Army instead. The money may be slightly more than he is getting now and he'll be able to see the organisation for himself from the inside. No slip-on shoes mind. You're not allowed to wear slip-ons until you are a Staffy with at least 4 yers in, so don't get ahead of yourself, Sunshine.
  11. Elementary my dear Watson - If you are a rozzer and you need to come to an open forum for information...then you are indeed ...thick....
  12. To join the ARRC MP BN you need to be a serving cop or Ex-RMP. They don't recruit civilians!

    Have you been either of these?

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  13. Didn't they used to have an SIB det based out of worthy down? When I did my stab monkey recruits course there one of the lads (ex SIB admittedly) was suffering with the rest of us plebs in various shades of green, and went straight to it after going to the the QM's for an ill fitting suit complete with ketchup stains.