RMP Museum?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by walt_of_the_walts, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I have been invited down to the RMP Museum in Southampton this sunday coming. There is also some commemorative event too?

    We are also seeing a CP demonstration and a lecture on the D Day preparations.

    Is it worth the 3 hour trip, or is the museum just a collection of interesting traffic cones through the ages?
  2. The old museum at Chichester used to be quite good. I suppose i'm biased but if I had the opportunity, i'd jump at it just to show my little boy what I used to do. ;)
  3. Its nearer Portsmouth than Southampton...

    The D Day room will be well worth seeing, hell of a lot of history. I havent been in the new museum.
  4. The tour you're going to get of the D-Day room is definately worth a look, and the tour of the museum itself is also very interesting.

    Both are done by an extremely knowledgeable old chap. Though it's in Southwick Park, not Southampton. About 5 minutes away from Pompey.

    Definately go, it's well worth the day.
  5. The map room is worth it alone, I had a pint there as a kid.
    Sure it was made by a famous toy company (meccano) in great secrecy with no place names until it was assembled.
  6. No they also have an exhibition on "Dead Easy Criminal Cases We Failed To Properly Investigate" and a similar one on "Prosecutions Thrown Out Of Court"

    No battle honours, so far as I am aware.
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  7. So great was the secrecy, in fact, that the two Meccano blokes that delivered it to Dryad were made to stay there until after the invasion, a good few weeks IIRC.
  8. A good few months, Well worth a look, If your taking your cadets down they may enjoy it. Though the man who runs the tour was obviously a sharpe fan and possibly a re enactor because he was talking about the "Bite Pour Spit Tap" Method of loading a musket.

    All in all I enjoyed it. And you learn some odd things. Some quite recent history in there aswell.
  9. When you walk rond it, do you have to do it in groups of six, like they used to do in Rheindalen?
    oh, and is the tree in there from Soltau where we used to bungee monkeys naked???
  10. My favourite exhibit is the one marked ' Remains of a flare removed from the larynx of Maj Tanner'. I first went to the Museum when it was in Inkerman Barracks Woking in 1964. Been back many, many times but yet to see the new one in Southwick Park. Well worth a visit, especially the weapons section and the noose used to hang 3 squaddies in Egypt(used to dangle over the curators desk!!)

    (By the way just in case you wanted to Know, Maj Tanner committed suicide by sticking a flare pistol down his throat and pulling the trigger)
  11. If it's within SouthWick Park then I was'nt aware the museum had a revamp :?
  12. One of the more strange claims to fame, do elaborate ?
  13. Stonker, you really are a turd aren't you? We may not have battle honours, not being a fighting unit, but we have lost rather a lot of guys in recent years. Some of the write ups given by INfantry soldiers about those lost have been absolutley glowing (In particular look at the MOD pages and see the tributes written about LCpl Pritchard)

    Your obvious hatred for the RMP must have some grounds though, clearly been hard done by in the past.

    fucking clown
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  14. Such was their need to plan the landings in such detail and with such secrecy, Eisenhower and Churchill had the map made on a huge, wall sized scale by Meccano, in small(ish) squares. The squares were then transported down to Southwick House by the Toy firm by two delivery blokes, who weren't allowed to leave again until a few months after the landing.

    Even more interestingly, Southwick House originally belonged to some local forces-friendly bigwig, who invited some troops to come and train on his estates (possibly ranges, forgotten). The commanders recognised the training value of the area, and promptly evicted the bigwig and nicked his house. He was moved to a smaller building on the estate!

    That's most of what I can remember from the tour, definately go, it's well worth it.
  15. Well cheers for the replies. I really want to go now.

    He obviously wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. :x

    Yes thats my my coat. Bye.