RMP Minimum Service.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Jono8192, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Alright all. I know this question is going to look stupid as f*ck, but I am going to go for it! -

    Well, on armyjobs, there are two pages about the RMP, and one of them says minimum service 4 years, and one says 12 years.

    I am assuming the 12 years is a load of tosh lol.

  2. Yes. 4 years minimum, 12 years 50% pension point.
  3. Actually, you sign on for 12 years (Versitial Engagement - Short(VengS), but can sign off after 4 years!!
    12 years will get you a 50% pension if you complete it.
  4. Thanks, I knew the answer would be 4 yrs minimum, just wasn't sure where the 12 came from :)

    I am looking at a stint in the RMP as I'd like to join the civvy Police Force after my time in the Army, so hopefully it would give me a good chance.

    Can you choose exactly which Provost Company to go to? I'd opt for 156 Provost Company as it's location right near me.
  5. If you were to go for somewhere further from home would show you were willing to travel and be flexible for civvy police. Also, moving further away from home will give you a bit more life experience, which i have been told they look for.
  6. If you don't sign off after 4 years, then do you sign on for a couple of years at a time etc?
  7. Yeah I suppose, I just don't want to be miles away. Not cos I don't want to leave my area at all, I'd just like to be closer by just as it gives you more options to go back etc.
  8. You go where the Army sends you. So pretty pointless saying you want to be near home when you could end up in Paderborn.

    Don't take it for granted that you will get into the plod. at end of day you will be just another applicant.
  9. That would be f*cking sh*t wouldn't it.
  10. Not really I loved the place, but like I said you don't get to choose
  11. Not even in and you are concerned about how soon you can leave and wanting a posting relatively close to home. :roll:
  12. Yeah is that alright with you? I'm just planning my future.

    And yes I'd rather be fairly close to home than in Germany for example, that not alright either?

    And before you say about going to Afghanistan for 6 months or however long, yes I know, that's to be expected.
  13. That'll be me corrected then!

    Original Poster, I'd count myself lucky just to be accepted into the Corps, let alone your choice of posting... Take it one day at a time, and if only 4 years is all your after, make sure you commit to those 4 years.

    My first day at basic there was a lad who had exactly the same plan as you. He was 'managed' out of the army in 1 week.
  14. Ahh Paderborn, Black and Whites on a Friday night for a nice bit of soul music,then the Pleasure Dome on a Saturday night for a scrap,happy days :eye:

  15. You haven't had the Army experience if you haven't done Padders or the Traz