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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by MicknDarcyJo, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. I've recently heard that RMP mess dress is to change again, from the AGC pattern back to the old style.

    Is this true at all? I know stable belts are changing, in an attempt to give RMP some 'identity' back, and wondered if the two are connected...


  2. For those of us old farts with grandfather rights (promoted to the Mess pre AGC) it won't mean much of a change . Blue still looks better than the red one Corps fits all version (IMHO)
  3. I agree the blue one does look better, but this weekend, I was told by a number of people that the blue pattern with the red bib is going to be re-introduced.

    Just trying to confirm this, before I end up ordering the AGC style!!
  4. The blue one was down right nasty. I have to admit that I had both in my time, but felt that the AGC one was a lot smarter, particularly when you were in a Station/Garrison Mess where you were stood alongside some of the other Regiments. The problem with the blue one was all the fat b*stards who bought theirs from the Corps Museum and turned out to Regimental Dinners looking like bags of sh*te. Up against the AGC red, the RMP Mess Dress showed it's age badly. Those 'bibs' are a disgrace. If the RMP were allowed to change their MEss dress to a new design similar to the Inf/Cav/Sigs and anyone else who is allowed to wear a 'golf ball' shirt and bow tie, it would be a pleasure to wear. Looking at the top table with it's big red faces and five chins hanging over that bloody collar and it's 3 bellies squeezing out over the top of it's 'No 1 Dress trousers' (cheapskates) and between the grey Army braces and below that bloody 'bib'.............yep, smart as f*ck.........NOT!.

    The AGC one was a definate improvement upon the blue RMP Mess Dress, but then again, if some people had invested in a new blue RMP Mess Dress and looked after it, they wouldn't be so ashamedly the scruffiest b*stards in the Regimental Dinner photo.
  5. If you were fit to fight and fit enough to fcuk Biscuits the old Mess Dress looked great. As for the Bib, if you were lucky enough to have served in Hong Kong it was made as a full fitting waistcoat, the zip was up the left side, armpit to waist. Taking off the jacket was not a problem the waistcoat still looked good!

    As a matter of interest, I would really be interested to see what to see what the other Mess Dress looked like. Any chance of a pic?
  6. Unless of course you bought a AGC Officers bid by mistake!
  7. Was that you at RMPTS perchance?
  8. No I have far too much time in the mess to buy a red one as you know cable guy; I was referring to one worn at a branch dinner in York about 96/97.
  9. So....

    Is the old pattern making a comeback or not...!
  10. F*ck knows.
  11. Who cares? Apart from those who want to maintain the custom of raising the hem of their jackets well above their buttocks and tailoring the seat of their trousers tight, real tight...............
  12. [​IMG]

    Do you mean this?
  13. Nearly, but mine had a red stripe down the side of the legs.
  14. And a velcro arrse bit?
  15. and lots of shiny balls on the front