RMP manchester or DOG handling

Hi Guys, after a little advice,

I'm after joining the reserves. local to me are RMP in Belle Vue, manchester and RLC Haldane road Salford.

Having no experience in either role I am interested in, I understand training is provided, The Dog handlers are 2 hour drive/ bike ride from em, so could only give limited time, but reckon the role would be brilliant.
The MP base is 20 mins cycle from me, so I could give more time, (which is my ultimate goal regardless of role I manage to get). and I think this role would give me a proper challenge.

My question, apart from any advice/ pearls of wisdom you guys and gals would like to share with me, is this..

When I was 15, I was in local authority care. (no fault of my own), I had a fight with one of the lads and ultimately got arrested and got £10 court costs and behave order for 12months. it shows up on a DBS check, is this likely to stop me getting any role in reserves, or just the police role. I'm 39 now so given clean record since then I am hoping it can be discretion of recruitment team.

Thanks in advance.
Ive filled in the application online, so am waiting for it to come back.

Any ideas?

I was a Regular soldier in the Regimental Headquarters of the RMP regiment of which 116 Provost Company are currently part of. My experience of them was good officers and a great bunch of lads and lasses - hardworking and enthusiastic. I can't speak for the RLC unit but would suggest go and visit both of the units you are interested in and then go from there - granted its not that easy to just walk in nowadays but it is possible to speak with someone.

With regard to your 'previous', declare it and they will make a decision accordingly (including the offence, context and also the time span). Do not be in the position of not declaring it and then being caught out because that is then an integrity red flag straight away.

Good luck with whatever path you follow!
thanks for the swift reply Berlin,
I only asked about it being a bar, as to whether it was a waste of time. I'm not proud of what I did, but I was a kid, and life was tough back then. I have a DBS, with the info on it, which I will take with me to the base. and hopefully they can give me a good indication of wether its feasible.

Thanks again.