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With your powers of investigation and imagination, you should prove a shoe-in.


If you want to have a career where you're not doing any real policing and not doing any real soldiering then RMP is for you.


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To be fair, an RMP I grew quite fond ofm, used to regale me with the tales of the mad shagging available to an RMP. Being as they are mixed sex, it essentially meant lots of knobbing your female colleagues and sitting with your feet up in an office having a tight bint making you a brew.

If you gave up the idea of soldiering, it sounded like quite a good number.
He proved the exception to that rule mind, and went to the great big vehicle checkpoint in the sky whilst soldiering with us in Afghan - he frankly put a lot of our lads to shame. He'd be pleased to know there were a lot of fit birds crying over him. I tried my best to get a vulnerable shag off of them, he'd have wanted that.

So aye, RMPs are dicks and do **** all, but there's always opportunity to be a legend like he was.

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