RMP Jurisdiction in BAOR

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Jaeger, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Apropos an argument I'm having on another forum , could anyone illuminate me as to what the protocols were for RMP involvement in RTA deaths of British Service personnel on German roads? Who took primacy, the Polizei or the RMP? What about inquests etc, was a German inquest mandatory or was it all done via the British military under the Status of Forces agreement ? Thanks :D
  2. Any death involving soldier/dep/ukbc was dealt with by the service police under the SOFA agreemnt. SIB would work with the GPC or Kreepo as they do now.
  3. It was all down to circumstances and who was involved. Brit soldier in car hit tree, dead. No German involvement, purely Brit case. Once you get to multiple vehicle involvement and multi national, then it is decided between the authorities who has primacy. I speak as ex monkey. Post Mortems etc usually at Britmil Hops, not sure about inquests, depends on whwre the body went. If back to UK, then inquest at port of entry.

    All a bit vague I know, but as I said, it was all down to the level of involvemtn, location and if there was nay German interest.
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  6. Was I right about the jurisdiction though?

    No Mate you were just very lucky that they were muppets! RMP can use SOBAG's in camp and the UK RTA (Road Traffic Act) outside on the public highway.
    They can stop any person that they beleive to be a Soldier/Dependant or UKBC in a UK Reg or DE Reg car (BFG) under the AA55. If by chance its not one of the above, then they can call the GCP for them to deal. On most occassions the GCP will let them off if they are of the Master Race, but if they are Turks or Eastern Europeans rubber hoses and water treatment
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  8. what is the other forum please.

    rmp have primacy over any incident invoving british soldiers dependants and people who work for the mod ie ukbc's. the gcp however, can retain jurisdiction on any job involving soldiers etc as they have primacy. take for example the fijian soldier accused of a sexual offence in bavaria i think. although the sofa agreement is there they can still retain jurisdicttion although this is rarely done. i hope that helps
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