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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by pandaplodder, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. I have heard that there are many subscribers who have not updated their banks Debit Orders and aren't paying enough to cover the magazine's subscription causing problems.

    The journal as a result is making a loss, if your one of the guilty ones then please update your payment details with the your bank.

    Otherwise one of two things will happen;

    1. No RMP journal (No comment) at all

    2. The subscription has risen to £9.00 or more (those that don't pay correctly will be chucked off the mailing list).
  2. How do you subscribe??
  3. How much is it now..I already pay £9.00
  4. How much is it now..I already pay £9.00
  5. The Journal is getting to be more and more of soap box for the PM and his appointed cohorts. The standard of contributions from the units is very good - far better than of old. The last editor was a very genuine guy but the new bloke has not been there long enough yet to see what he is made of. Rest assured - you will never read anything critical in there. The old journal had a very good section ofr the Oldies/where are they now but that has gone seriously down the pan. Also, the items all use modern day abbreviations which are totally incomprehensible to former-RMP/soldiers. Each issue needs a glossary or some such feature.
    I've updated my subs when first asked even though the lady we were referred to seemed to be away or deaf when one phoned to check one's status. Give it two or so more issues but at the moment they'll not get many more £9 fees from me.
    Just a small question for pandaplodder - are you on commission for increase in subs or did someone die and make you God?
  6. How much are you paying?
  7. From the web site:

    The RMP Journal price is £6 annually including UK postage, overseas postage is extra. All subscription enquiries and payments should be made through RHQ RMP
  8. RMP Web Site!! Leave 'orf - it's a joke.
  9. I know, but it's early on a Monday Morning and my guard was down. for one silly moment I believed that it may be accurate and up to date.

    Saying that though from a commercial contract perspective, is the offer for sale on the Web Page legally binding?

    I'm well out of date but back in the good old days of Sale of Goods Acts, the seller offered goods for sale at a price and if this was accepted by the buyer a legally enforceable contract had been entered into.

    Could be a good game.
  10. Nevr really been a fan of the rag. I would only read it on nights after I'd read the last 4 months worth of DOBs and if there was no porn in the the Ord Sgts desk.

    The unit pages were culled drastically weren't they. I used to like looking up where people I knew were. Mind you, having read the p*sh that LW used to put in the notes about 'So and so, being back at the helm...' (you'd think that we were in the Navy....mind you it was career beneficial to go to Kiel with one PM) and the other sh*te from the old 72 Sect based on a 'space ship' (what the f*ck was all that about.....I think that was LW again).

    There was never very much for the Old Blokes apart from the usual bumph by the ex Maj/Lt Col who thought that they were permanant feature writers.

    Yep, the DOB was a more rivetting read. Can't understand why the originating poster is so upset.

    £9? You get a lot of Smarties for £9.
  11. Why pay £9 to see the same people on adventure training or skiing issue after issue?!
  12. Mag......precisely!
  13. Yep, you are also always guaranteed one of the following in every journal:

    1. A 6 RMP Ski Meet, including how many of them are the NI Champion in Tiddly-Winks, Shinty or some other random sport.


    2. 156 Pro Coy saying 'we are always on the lookout for people to do P Company'.