RMP Jailed!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hoohaha, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. This popped up in the most recent Sixth Sense aswell, we've all known for a while that this trial was ongoing but now it has been made public as it were....


    I served with the man in Germany and he came across as a bit of a malingering git, but THIS i never expected.

    Two years aint long enough for him :roll:
  2. 52 years old? Have they got the age right? Surely not.
  3. No mistake!

    52 years old, a full screw after 20 years in the RMP, as i understand it his two 'count em' heart attacks rendered him effin useless for the last 8 years or so and he's been hidden in the G4 Dept at RHQ

    That was the last i saw of him anyway, before all this booted off!
  4. How embarrassing. Don't these perverts give a thought for the reputation of the Corps before they sink balls deep into a child....well, the image of one at least?

    RMP has had a few perverts in recent years. Two of them were Welsh, I recall.
  5. there was also the scottish one in JHQ who still believes he did nothing wrong!!! absolute sh*t*unt if you ask me!
  6. Indeed we have but then in the last two years alone my unit has dealt with around 7 cases from other units in BA(G), and that's just in our AOR so it would be wrong to assume that it's an RMP thing and that we all sit around on a night shift looking at kids on t'interwebnet 8O

    On a serious note though why is this seemingly such a common problem in the forces? Pressure of Ops? Working Hours? Loneliness / Seclusion? or is it simply that we recruit from, and therefore reflect, normal British society? :?
  7. Wasnt aiming the finger of justice at RMP per say, just think that there can be absolutely NO EXCUSE for this behaviour no matter what rank, arm or cap badge you come from or even what tour you've just completed!
  8. No didn't think you were Kosherpig, and you're right Sh*tC*nts the lot of them, absolutely no excuse!

    The whole thing puzzles me, i mean, what is the attraction? :?

    Each to their own i'd normally say, but NOT when it comes to kids, grim c*nts!

    edited for mongness
  9. Could it be that we are more proactive at seeking out such pervs?

    I had the displeasure of working at a court martial centre when a case like this went through, IIRC it had been discovered on a work PC. I felt sorry for the (SIB?) lad who had to bring in some examples of the photos that had been downloaded/viewed all blown up to A3 size. Funnily enough it was the only case in two weeks that the press had any interest in.
  10. Intials S.N. by any chance? what was the outcome of that one?
  11. i know one thing as a father of four i am all for castrating this filth

    i am also extremely worried that he was chosen by 101 pro coy as a youth/community worker!

    i would love to say i knew it all along but truth be told, i didnt, i just thought he was a w@nker
  12. Yeah i know the chap, works at the CCU. (the guy in the court martials, with the blown up piccies)

    Perhaps it is that we are just more proactive, and therefore more likely to come across this sort of thing (no pun intended!)

    Sharing laptops whilst on guard, as an example, is a bloody surefire way of getting caught out and has been the catalyst for at least two of the cases that i am aware of.

    So are our beloved Armed Forces full of touchers? Or is it that we notice them more than we would on civilian straße?

    how the bloody hell do you add a poll to this thing.............
  13. I remember catching him and the woman who worked in the Cpls mess bar emptying the charity bottle once. When we walked in they nearly sh*t themselves. A dodgy f*cker admittedly, but as a father I never imagined this of him.
  14. ahhhhhhh yes i remember the old "just counting it" incident

    what a f*cktard
  15. Amateur shrink head ON

    Could be that they themselves were abused in their youth, beleive it or not a fair few are. They believe that this behaviour is normal.

    Then there is just the attraction thing. You may be attracted to black, yellow or purple people or blonds, brunnettes or punks.

    Bear in mind that the 16 year old bit is purely a legal thing. In the past, and in some countries now, girls of much younger age are married.

    Also, those that do come out in the court cases are always, shall we say, from the shallow end of the gene pool. Maybe it is just a priordial soup thing, in which they know the only way they can get to reproduce is to get em young....

    Either way, they should be seperated from the herd and kept somewhere safe, and heavily guarded. Esp if they voluntarily come in.

    Those that commit any heinous acts should be put down.

    With EXTREME prejudice.