RMP items on waltBay!!

Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by Squiggles, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Wheres your rosette on your Telic medel then you cnut!? My missus was in Telic 2, it wasnt the warfighting phase like this peice of shit claims. Do RMP no 2's have four pockets? or has he just found a set of old Officer's service dress? Can anyone tell me if 1 PARA were in Telic 2? I dont know if they were or not.

    I dont think ive ever seen any soldier wearing any more than one medal unmounted either.......getting really annoyed now.

    :crash: :threaten:
  2. This is weird.

    Whatever that service dress is, it is in sh1t order.

    He is very 'vocal' in his ad. isn't he? All sound and fury signifying not very much perhaps.

    And why has he taken the photo in his lavatory?
  3. It's in his kitchen, unless he keeps his HP sauce in the bog, mind you you never know I suppose.

    He's a lying walty cnut, look at his ebay record, it's all for buying airsoft toys, and walty fake certificates.
  4. Yeah like his Bosnia 2004 tour "had its moments", what? getting pissed on ilicit jaegermeister maybe? "sweat and blood" on the TELIC medal, yeah mate someone else's perhaps? B*stard. :x
  5. Looks like it is has been well ironed for an RMP... :p

    But seriously any nugget could stick some badges on, order some replacement medals and give some blag about it being CP and other pap. But sad to say i have no doubt some sad sack will buy it.Current bid is £155... :omg:

    Just read the whole ad for selling it, got some bullshit going hasnt he.
    'Kept in pristine condition' Yeah looks like it fella!
    'Op Telic medal' blood and sweat on this one..like every other tour is a picnic
    Bosnia 2004 medal.. Wasnt the hardest tour.. course it wasnt fella it was a holiday!
    Peaked cap size 59 to go with my head that has swelled along with my ego!
  6. He's even picked a date for his GSM(NI) that he's assumed was really dangerous to enance his doss cnut credibility with other BB weilding *********!!
  7. MEdals are 'museum copies', mounted in the wrong order, the trade and rank badges are hand sewn on and badly at that, the cap badge is in the wrong position and also..... what a shambles.

    The jacket is of the type issued late 80s early 90s without buttons on the lower two pockets.....

    He bought those medals on Ebay.... they are cheapo copies and on op telic you did NOT receive the clasp to the medal!!!


  8. Oh! I thought that was a bog roll holder on the right :oops:

    Mind you, the best place for this load of sh1te is the toilet
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Gents, crap like this has cropped up before - I believe a walty set of medals was the last one.

    Can I suggest we take similar action, and bid this thing through the roof? Bloody Walts!
  10. Good idea
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Memory refreshed - the last eBay-waltathon was an NBC jacket that some turd was advertising as a "Genuine SAS smock". The buffoon in questin withdrew it after numerous "advisory" emails (also the bidding topped £10million!)

    Arrse power to this one - lets get this buffoon edumacated.
  12. Ooops my fingers slipped. My "spare" ebay account came in use at last!
    The reserve was £500 , cheeky walt cnut
  13. I laughed at bidder no 4's paltry 750 squid
  14. It's a pity you can't see the bidders names..if you could then mine would clearly be seen as "walterthewalt"
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