RMP Items on ebay AGAIN!! (sunrays post on the Mo thread)

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by halomonkey, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. This was posted on the Mo thread and as suggested I have started a new thread so as not to distract from scum features


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    Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:51 pm Post subject: Re: RMP items on waltBay!!


    Not on the same scale by any means but me suspects another!


    I am sure that any serving RMP would realise this is clearly NOT a Mess Dress!

    I sent this chap a message asking if he was sure this was his mess dress. His response is as follows:

    Response from barryandsaara
    barryandsaara( 137)
    Positive feedback: 99.3%
    Member since: 17-Mar-05
    Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
    Registered on: www.ebay.co.uk

    Item: Royal Military Police (220133155316)
    This message was sent while the listing was active.
    barryandsaara is the seller.

    Im a Green Jacket what do i care what type of suit it is, im selling for a RMP and he said its his mess dress, INTERGRITY and all that, its a mess dress to me.
    Thank You

    One would think that, if he is a Green Jacket,he would know the difference between a set of No1s and Mess Dress. Also note it is now no longer his but being sold for a friend.

    edited to add : i also gave him the link to Mo's story to look at :twisted:
  2. Lets clear this one up quickly...

    This is NO1 DRESS!

    If it is from a serving RMP then it shouldn't be on ebay as we get No1's issued (=THEFT)

    If it was purchased privately (through Tailor etc..) the he can do what he likes with it.

    Simple as that!
  3. His ebay advert states that he wore it at a Mess function yet he replied to HALOMONKEY that he is a Greenjacket. Don't sound right to me?
  4. No such things as the Green jackets anymore, its the Rifles now!
  5. Just a thought.

    RMP JNCO's do have Cpl's Messes, and we certainly used to wear No1 Dress as a form of Mess Dress at a Cpl's Mess Regimental dinner.

    Could this be where the confusion lies?

  6. I think this is different. RMP JNCOs do have a Mess and it is (with the very odd exception) the norm for RMP JNCOs to wear No1 dress in leiu of Mess Kit hence the title. The kit looks genuine and I can understand the error in title especially for a civi sale. Who the heck would want it though beats me - walts aside.

    However this is done as Mess Kit is purchased and No1 Dress is issued - a concern is he selling MOD issue kit and not his own?
  7. My eyes seem to be failing me somewhat in my old age, but are those RMP collar dogs? I can't work them out, but they don't seem right to me!

    As an aside, I have only ever known one JNCO who had a set of RMP Mess Dress as a Cpl in Osnabruck in '94.
  8. This guy has either got this off a skip or it is stolen. He clearly doesn't know exactly what it is and has a poor command of the English language.
  9. I've seen this kit worn at weddings by soldiers just to look smart, he isn't exactly bigging it up at all. I'd say tread carefully on this one.
  10. Check out the date on the photo - 26 Jan 2005. I know he may have it set wrongly on the camera, but it is something else that doesn't add up
  11. I've replied to him and suggested that perhaps a change of wording would be the correct course of action as feelings are running a tad high at the moment. Let's see what, if anything, comes of it.
    Driftwood I've been trying to see the collar dogs too as they just don't look right. However I will blame it on age if they turn out to be correct :wink:
  12. Are you going after every military item thats sold on ebay or just RMP items ? 8O
  13. Well that all depends .......do you mean every military item or every misrepresented one listed by someone out to make a quick buck by saying they are one of us (all Forces not just RMP).
    As for this one , just following up on something that was already posted.
  14. And here comenceth the witch hunt.
    All those wishing to take part supply full details of military career (Photos an added bonus), all participants should be authenticated by at least two other participants as even having walked through the doors of an AFCO at the very least.
    As I'm not going to partake of the fun, apart from lurking, my career as a ACC mass poisoner can remain a secret. :wink:
  15. This item is on Ebay, it says it has Afghan and Iraqi dust on it, yet the write up says it was worn in the first Gulf war, have I read it wrong?

    RMP beret on Ebay